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48 staff, 22 hours, a race against the time to fight the ‘epidemic situation’

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——Recordingthe programme of “Closer to our users”

This is a lottery card and this is a sweet mutual-aid card, don't put them repeatedly.

I got it, master. Oneispink and the other one is red, it is easy to distinguish.


 On March 5 and 6, 2020, the e-commerce warehouse usheredin a group of special Part-Time Workers. Dressed in uniform workers' clothes, they are gathering respectively at the gate of two e-commerce warehouses early in the morning, anxiously waiting for the transfer order of work division from the warehouses.

         In the early spring of 2020, with the outbreak of the pandemic disease, peoplewere choosing not to leave their homes to finish placing orders for various necessities, those diabetic patients who need to check their blood glucose every day had also changed their habit of buying a blood glucose meters and test strips from pharmacies and mostly chosen online shopping. After the Spring Festival, Sinocare's online orders had been increasing in a skyrocketing way. Recently, with Women's Day approaching, the promotion campaigns of various e-commerce platforms have become hot online. The demand for diabetic users served by Sinocare Inc. during that period of promotion campaigns is also six times higher than the usual amount. Itwas expected that the daily delivery quantity from the E-commerce warehouse of Sinocare Inc. would reach 30,00 orders on the occasion of the Festival approaches.

        Work hard on basic skills

To quickly respond to the demand of diabetic patients and ensure that the supplies including blood glucose meters in the orders from their users can reach their hands on the same day, the company launched aprogramme of “Closer to users” with the theme of 'Workinghard onbasicskills', calling on all the management personnel to join a front-line delivery, make a zero-distance contact with the users and listen to the heartfelt wishes of the users. At the same time, it had also relieved the delivery bottleneck arising from the employment problem during the epidemic situation, thus adding new power to the busy e-commerce warehouse. Not only that, but more employees had also actively joined the volunteer team.

Why let the core personnel who have usually dealt with the computer and the experimental articles in the company participate in the front-line delivery action? Thiswas because of the tradition that Sinocare Inc. has always 'pressed close to its users'. Every year, the company organizes the activities such as free detection on World Diabetes Day and incarnated hotline service operators, letting each department go to the place nearest to the gunfire, support the front with the power in the rear and fulfill the commitment of 'user centered' with practical actions. In the course of fulfillment, the problems relating to products and services could be fully exposed, and the improvement plan could be put forward with the wisdom and effort of everyone

Walking into the e-commerce warehouse, itwas a busy scene in full swing. After everything is ready, everyone is sitting in their respective working position, formally throwing into the packing team. Facing the group of special ‘workers’, the skilled employees in the warehouse had turned into masters to teach everyone the operation methods and the precautions of each process, so the above-mentioned scene appeared.

The core management personnel of the company have usually worked effectively. However, when theywere facing a pile of empty boxes and several hundred kinds of SKU, everybody didn’t know how to start. Fortunately, everyone had thought of learning. Although theywere newer hands, they would modestly consult the 'masters' when theywere encountering something unknown, to strive to achieve operation standards, the masters had also patiently explained them to the 'students' in detail. Regardless of their positions, what we had seenwas the situation in which theywere immersed in hard work and dedicated.

Through the on-site guidance, everyone had mastered the operation skills quickly and conscientiously completed their tasks, thus bringing enthusiasm and energy to the work on the whole warehouse site. Therewere many womenin the management team, however, at that moment, theywere just like ordinary warehouse staff, rolling up their sleeves, not feeling dirty and tired nor hesitating when it was time to move goods. This is truly the 'goddess of Sinocare Inc.'

Do not just consider it as a simplepackage,there is a very fine work division in it. A small package must experience more than ten processes, including order processing, order printing, task distribution, unpacking, filling, sorting, ...... and review.However, everyonewas confident. The whispers that our team had delivered 900 orders in the morning and would make their efforts to strive for double in the afternoonwere circulated one after another. Here, Xie Dian from the Quality Center had quickly folded dozens of boxes, and over there, Li Fen from HR had quickly distributed hundreds of cards with both hands... ...

To ensure that the task can be completed according to the quality and quantity requirements and that the goods can be delivered smoothly, Chang Zhongjie from the Product Department whowas assigned to the Review Group had been also responsible for checking the goods delivered against the delivery form of each box in real-time, so as to find any problems and avoid mistakes in advance.

In this special team, we had also seenthat Li Shaobo,Chairman of Sinocare Inc., and Li Xinyi,Assistant Chairman of Sinocare Inc.,were busying with the packaging work as well. They hadworn their light clothingandjoined the team.

What percentage of the users scanned the QR code?Although Mr. Liwas busy, he had still discussed various services offeredfor the users with the general manager of Sinocare Health,Peng Xuming in the same team by making use of time gaps.

Itwas late at night, but itwas brightly lit in two e-commerce warehouses and wewere still working without a break with full enthusiasm. Li Shaobo and Li Xinyi had also insisted on standing guard together with everyone till the last orderwas finished.

On the first day of the campaign, till 10:30 PM, exciting news cameinfromthe back-end, more than 30,00 packages had beensuccessfullysent out with joint efforts of everyone on the first day of the Women's Day event.

       The programme of“Closer to our users” lasted two days, totaling 22 hours, and 248 management personnel participated in it. After the campaignwas over, each practice group would summarize the problems found in the action and the good experiences obtained here-from, so as to put forward the suggestions and recommendations for improving the product and service process of Sinocare Inc.

Although the epidemic is ruthless, united as one, the Sinocarers have been in action! Let us give our thumbs up to these colleagues who stand out to respond to the call ofgunfire.