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Add Value to the Challenges and Make the Decision More Quality

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Huang Anguo, secretary of the board of directors and chief financial officer of Sinocare Inc., appeared in an interview with Phoenix TV in 2020


The year 2013 had a special significance for the career of Huang Anguo. He made a choice called ‘The Ignorant Fears Nothing’ -- Ignorance means stepping out of his comfort zone and embracing a new challenge. Fearlessness means a kind of courage from confidence


Genial Chairman and selfless scientist


Before the choice was made, there was some unexpected and understandable drama in the ‘antecedent: From 2018 on, Huang Anguo worked as a volunteer at Hunan Wispring Education Development Foundation (Shortened as Wispring Foundation) responsible for propaganda work. During that period, he got acquainted with Li Shaobo, one of the founders of the Wispring Foundation, through many contacts in public welfare activities.

Besides the non-profit organization, Huang Anguo was secretary of the board of directors in a state-owned enterprise, and Li Shaobo was the chairman of Sinocare Inc. (Shortened as ‘Sinorcare Inc.’). However, Huang Anguo had the understanding of Sinocare Inc. that it was only ' A Medical Device Company' at that time; but he was deeply impressed and respected by Li Shaobo and his family's devotion to public welfare.


In 2008, Huang Anguo (First from left in the front row) organizedWhispering public welfare activities as a volunteer

On the morning of August 29, 2013, Huang Anguo came to Sinocare Inc. for the first time at the invitation of Li Shaobo. At that time, the company was still renting an office at No. 28 Jixian Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City. Majoring in biology as an undergraduate, he was looking at the biosensor enterprise with great interest. He tried to combine the image of a decisive entrepreneur with the impression of a friendly and easy-going practitioner of public welfare on Li Shaobo. Meanwhile, he also guesses about the purpose of this interview.

The following ‘plot’ development caught him by surprise: Since Li Shaobo has been approved of him in several years of contact with him in public welfare activities, so, in the capacity of chairman, he invites him to join Sinocare Inc. as secretary of the board of directors. Then, he was introduced to his partner, Ms. Che Hongli, who asked Huang Anguo to serve as the chief financial officer and told him in a relaxed tone, ‘ it is easy for a chief financial officer to work in Sinocare Inc... The company has abundant book capital and standard management, and you are qualified for it.’

Later, He saw a ‘freak’ in a small lab, ‘As soon as we enter the lab, he excitedly share his latest research and development progress with General Manager Li. He directly skips his greeting step I expected, he is completely immersed in his work. When I saw him, the image of a scientist imaged by me is immediately vivid.’

The ‘freak’ is Doctor Cai Xiaohua, the first scientist of Sinocare Inc.. who has returned from overseas and been devoted to the national medical equipment brand. The research and development object that makes him forget himself is the Golden test strip. Less than two years after the first interview, the Golden series blood glucose monitoring system of Sinocare Inc. is officially launched in the market, which has led China's blood glucose monitoring into a ‘golden’ era.

What he has seen and heard on August 29 has so touched Huang Anguo that he has made a choice soon. In September 2013, he left the state-owned enterprise where he had worked for ten years and officially joined Sinocare Inc., which just became a listed company in 2012.

Proud secretary of the board of directors and self-encouragement CFO

Before employment, Huang Anguo had an understanding of Sinocare Inc. only from public reports. He has had some ideas about the business scale of Sinocare Inc. for the first time. Only after meeting Li Shaobo in activity and rushing to attend the wedding ceremony of a local dealer in Inner Mongolia, he has vaguely known that Sinocare Inc. Has had such a wide range of business.

After working in the ‘roof office’ located on Jixian Road for more than a month, Wenxuan Park of Sinocare Inc. located on Guyuan Road, Hi-tech Zone, Changsha City, was put into use, and the company also moved its office address. With the expanding scale of the company, the pace of its internationalization was also accelerating, and there were often foreign guests visiting the company. ‘On one occasion, while I am receiving foreign guests, I met three young girls waiting for an interview at the reception desk. When they see us passing by, they whisper, 'Wow, there are foreigners in the company.’ At that moment, as a member of Sinocare Inc., I felt very proud of the company's international progress. Huang Anguo, who just regarded such reception as his daily work before, has felt a feeling of pride from that sentence overheard by him.

What made him more proud is that Sinocare Inc. participated in the acquisition of two American companies in 2016. It has developed into the fifth largest blood glucose meter enterprise in the world from the first stock company of blood glucose meters in China. With more than 40 subsidiary companies successively, the company has cumulatively had more than 10,000 persons from formerly 500 to 600persons, Sinocare persons, regardless of color and nationality, have been all over the world.


In the opinion of Huang Anguo (Second from left in the rear row), taking a photo at the gate of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is a dream that every secretary of the board of directors in his / her career


During the 10-year term of office, Huang Anguo has experienced and witnessed the expansion of Sinocare Inc. developing into seven global R&D centers from one leased office building, and the ranger of its business is ‘rooted in China and going to the world’. With 250,000 retail terminals, it has served patients with chronic diseases including diabetes in more than 200 countries and regions. He has also changed into a resident speaker of orientation training for new employees from a newcomer who receives ‘one-to-one’ corporate culture training, vividly and skillfully introducing company profile and corporate culture to batches of new entrants. Ten years ago and ten years later, his innocence at his first acquaintance and his confidence from its long companion, he gently clapped his hands while looking back on that moment.

While he has been more than equal to the secretary of the board of directors, Huang Anguo has prepared well for the post of chief financial officer. Although he was green in a financial affair position, when he, joked as ‘the ignorant fears nothing’, took over the post of CFO, he has gotten a little upset. However, due to his confidence in his learning ability and perseverance, he has willingly embraced the challenge with the self-encouragement of 'Nothing is Impossible With Hard Work'.

Before working at a state-owned enterprise, Huang Anguo was a teacher at a normal school. At that time, he just graduated from Hunan Normal University and was devoted to preaching, teaching, and solving problems. Because of their wide reading, he has taught ‘other subjects except for Chinese, music, and physical education, especially, he was very popular for his political course since he taught that course in simple terms. In the sixth year of his teaching career, he was looking forward to some new possibilities in his work and life, so he was successfully admitted to the Law school of Hunan University as a master’s student, and then joined a state-owned enterprise. In ten years, he has been constantly promoted from a project director to becoming secretary of the board of directors. After that, he came to Sinocare Inc. as secretary of the board of directors and chief financial officer.



Huang Anguo is invited to share the process of challenges of globalization faced by Sinocare Inc. with many hi-tech enterprises in Changsha


‘The achievement of a man is not in eight hours a day but in what he has done from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.’ This is a sentence that Chairman Li Shaobo once said to me when I first joined the company. It remains fresh in my memory.” Therefore, to overcome the 'barrier’ in financial management, Huang Anguo has taken more than 600 hours of online financial courses in his spare time in the year after he joined the company, and dreamed of obtaining a professional certificate in finance one day. During that period, To fulfill his dream of ‘studying at three universities at the foot of Yuelu mountain’, he began to study for the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at Central South University.

Here, It is not just the challenge that is decisive, but the attitude toward it. To prepare the answers for themselves in the future, the respondent can only be themselves, which not only needs perseverance but also needs courage.


From realizing the value to creating value

In 2015, Sinocare Inc. launched the ‘the User Presses Close to the Program’, which allows the employees to get in close contact with patients with chronic diseases including diabetes, and face the demands of the users. After participating in related activities, Huang Anguo has felt deeply that, “the mission of Sinocare Inc. is ‘to provide excellent products and services to the patients with chronic diseases including diabetes and help them improve the quality of life. After really getting in touch with the users, I have personally experienced that the value passed on by the enterprise may raise the spiritual pursuit of an individual, and am also aware that every job will bring value to the user as a member of the enterprise.’”

If his former two jobs have achieved his value as teacher and secretary of the board of directors respectively, when he cherishes the dream of ‘Letting Every Diabetic Patient have Their Blood Glucose Meter in China, he will be devoted to making it become an enterprise of ‘global diabetes digital management expert’. Huang Anguo has praised himself for looking like ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together, looking forward to jointly creating value.

He has summarized his orientation with ‘Pass On’, ‘pass the future value of the enterprise on to its investors, pass the value created by the enterprise on to its shareholders, and pass the care advocated by the enterprise on to its users. At the same time, pass what the investors, shareholders, and users expect of the enterprise on to the operators, and pass the requirements of regulatory authorities on to the board of directors. Although the value that an individual can create is limited, I hope to make the decisions more quality by passing these on!’


Huang Anguo is taking a nap in the corner after being busy, getting ready for his next ‘battle’

As secretary of the board of directors, Huang Anguo has participated in seven overseas mergers and acquisitions worth more than US$4 billion during the unexpected development of Sinocare Inc., responsible for the contacts with all the intermediaries in the capacity of project initiator. He is also the only organizer and learner who has participated in and contacted all parties from beginning to end. During that period, there have been business trips across the country for which he takes leave without delay, and the globally-connected telephone conferences held at any time and anywhere; he can also shuttle in and visit the top global investment banks on Wall Street, and earnestly listen to the teachings from the masters of top intermediaries. Thus, he has improved his ability in terms of legal, financial affairs, consulting, and management. After entering the leading camp of a global glucose meter, Sinocare Inc. has served more and more users with chronic diseases including diabetes, and provided more diversified products and services. The growth of the enterprise and the personal gains have made him feel a sense of accomplishment

In 2018, when Sinocare Inc. Negotiated the acquisition of Johnson & Johnson's diabetes business, Huang Anguo also participated in it. Frequent communication meetings often took place at night due to the international time difference. After one meeting, his daughter, who was preparing for a final exam, knocked on his door and said frankly “that he had been also devoted to the meeting, so he was a little ‘noisy’ ”. Due to night meetings during that period, plus the work that He had to deal with as usual during the day, Huang Anguo usually slept only three or four hours a day. During the visit paid by Li Shaobo to the provincial branch governor of some bank, he had unconsciously felt asleep and did not wake up until the symposium was over. Li Shaobo who had known the reasons, and the bank team were very understanding about that, and that matter has become a harmless episode.



Huang Anguo (Second from left), chairman of the director Li Shaobo and, Dr. Fei Jiangfeng ‘encounter’ Sinocare products at New York Times Square.


Because witnessing the rapid development of Sinocare Inc., Huang Anguo has never slacked off on himself and has been committed to 'Growing together with the company, can not be separated from the leader'. Nowadays, holding several posts, he has been busy and self-consistent, and his partners say in-jokes that he is good at 'doing two things at once.' : In a limited working time, he may deal with two different work affairs at the same time. In addition to his job position, he has also acted as secretary of the Party Committee and recognized ‘press spokesman’, and also a genuine ‘slash-middle-aged’ man.


The ‘inverse-diabetes’ practitioner and his love for himself and others

About two years ago, Huang Anguo found in an accidental glycated hemoglobin examination experience that his numerical values were beyond the standards and he has already fallen under the Prediabetic population, which means that he would develop into diabetes if he leaves untreated in time. But he’s felt a little lucky: ‘If I didn’t work in a medical device company, and there were many opportunities to contact chronic disease index detection, I wouldn’t have found abnormal physical indicators in such a timely manner.’

From then on, while learning more knowledge about diabetes, Huang Anguo has consciously developeda self-disciplined living habit, such as frequent blood glucose measurement, regular work and rest, and a healthy diet. He not only put what he has learned into practice but also actively exchanged his health ideas with others in daily life, hoping to help more people with the knowledge learned and the experiences summarized by him. His persistence day after day has resulted in happy results. The reexamination results have shown that the examination results of many chronic disease indicators, including blood glucose, were all up to the standard.


Hiking and mountaineering have become an integral part of Huang Anguo’s life


Sinocare Inc. has advocated the tenet of ‘loving yourself, loving your family, and loving others, I’ve been aware of loving myself in a healthy life, and a healthy me may better accompany my family. Meanwhile, I can also feel the love from others in the exchange of health ideas and hope that everyone can improve the quality of their life more or less. This experience has let Huang Anguo summarize his next orientation as ‘Spreading’, spreading the core values of the company’s ‘commitment due to love’ more widely.

Before having an ‘inverse-diabetes’ experience, there was something else for the fulfillment of Huang Anguo’s life. On the first day of work after the Chinese Spring Festival in 2014, a heavy snowfall gave him a difficult problem: He had never been late for work, but he was about to make an exception because of the difficulty in taking a taxi. In such an emergency, he took a ‘motorcycle taxi’. Sitting in the back of the motorcycle, his back was against the cold wind and he overcame the fear from the motorcycle speed like lightning, secretly determining to take a driving test for a driver’s license. In the summer of that year, he successfully got his driver’s license and began to enjoy driving; ‘Since then, the radius of my activities has become larger, and I have had the idea of seeing the world by car after retirement.’

It seems that he has gone through a lot of changes in his work and life, but Huang Anguo has a better understanding of everything he loves, putting on all the Sinocare persons his hope of ‘pushing Sinocare Inc. moving forward without strength and sowing the love of Sinocare Inc. into the heart of more persons’. Instead of eroding him, these changes had given him a chance that he could look back into the past in a new attempt. Through these attempts and retrospection could it become clear -- it was because of his dedication to the challenge, that had helped him withstand the hardships along the way countless times.

The year 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of Sinocare Inc. and also the tenth year that Huang Anguo has become a person of Sinocare Inc. At the age of 50 years, his plan of ‘self-driving after retirement’ was also getting closer and closer. However, he has still remembered with gratitude the honor that he has participated in the 10-year growth of the enterprise and been proud of creating value together with the enterprise in his ‘prime time at work, cherishing the spirit of a young person: ‘the significance of life is a process of constantly creating memories, and the satisfaction with his own choice and pains if the starting point of willingly recall. Thirty years in Sinocare Inc., beginning with fearless, successful from the action.’