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Brief Introduction of Sinocare Health Diabetes Clinic

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Sinocare Health Diabetes Clinic is a specialist clinic wholly owned by Sinocare Inc. To achieve the prospect that the company can become the leading diabetes management expect in China, the Clinic has adhered to the medical philosophy that ‘diabetes is preventable, controllable and reversible’ to provide such services as early screening of diabetes, system evaluation, standard treatment, whole-range in-hospital and out-hospital management, diabetes knowledge education and psychological counseling and guidance.



The Clinic has gathered top experts, professors, and chief physicians with Xiangya backgrounds in the field of endocrinology in China, and regularly participated in clinical work and project research, including the National Diabetes Prevention and Control Center (DPCC) and diabetes reversal project. The Clinic has introduced international advanced testing equipment to fully meet the demand for in-depth and comprehensive tests and examinations of diabetic patients. The testing process is efficient and fast, and the clinical results are accurate and reliable.




Clinic Setting:

Endocrinology Department, Expert Clinic, Medical Laboratory, One-Stop Examination Room, Nutrition Catering Room, Sports Room, Insulin Injection Room, Remote Group Consultation, Diabetes Class, Health Pharmacy, Psychological Consulting Room, and Member Activity Center.



Examination Item of the Clinic:

Urine trace albumin, urine creatinine, heart color ultrasound, fundus examination, neuromuscular electrical diagram, blood vessel color ultrasound, and arteriosclerosis detection are used to screen diabetic kidney disease, diabetic heart disease, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and diabetic vascular lesions,to perfect the above-mentioned examination items regularly that can be helpful in monitoring and assessing complications prevention and therapeutic effect.



The Clinic has also introduced the originally-packaged imported dual-energy X-ray bone density measurement instrument from General Electric (GE). The dual-energy X-ray bone density measurement is an internationally recognized gold standard for the detection of osteoporosis in assessing fracture risk for patients and preventing the occurrence of fracture.





Medical Team of the Clinic:

It has 110-person diabetes in-hospital and out-hospital management team, thus forming a service mode of ‘six-expert joint management’ composed of a specialist physician, specialist nurses, nutritionists, health management experts, sports physical therapists, and psychological consultants, and provides efficient clinic experiences and whole-range fine services for the patients with chronic diseases including diabetes and help them to improve the quality of life.