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CAETE | Sinocare Attends the Exhibiton with Diabetes Care Products

Time: 2021-10-09 Hits: 137
       Sinocare, the global leading medical test-developer, has showcased its latest lineup of products at The Second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE), which was held between September 26-29 at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. In its dedicated booth, Sinocare displayed different type of chronic diseases management products, including Blood glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood lipid monitor and uric acid monitor, also unveiled its portable multi-function analyzer, portable HbA1C Analyzer and advanced glycation end of Products Fluorescence Detector.
    CAETE is an important platform for China and African countries to conduct economic and trade cooperation and relevant exchanges and dialogues. With the theme of "New Start, New Opportunities, New Accomplishment", this year’s event focuses on the fields of food and agricultural products, medical and healthcare industries, infrastructure and industrial chain cooperation, and in-depth economic and trade cooperation. Sinocare showcased a number of industry-leading products that will further promote cooperation between China and Africa’s medical and healthcare industries and aid in the construction of a shared healthcare community.
  “At Sinocare, it is our vision to provide high-quality products and services for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to help them improve their life quality. We look forward to working together with healthcare practitioners and private companies in Africa to provide more people with accessible and affordable diabetes management solutions,” said Louis Hu, Africa Regional Manager of Sinocare.


    Beyond China, Sinocare is present in 42 countries across Africa, including Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa and more. Its total sales across the continent have reached over RMB 110 million, with the most popular products being Sinocare’s blood glucose monitoring systems, blood pressure monitors, lipid profile analyzers, and HbA1c monitors. Sinocare’s rapid growth in Africa is a result of its painless and easy-to-operate systems that are suitable for a wide range of people, as well as its stable sample collection capabilities and test strip with patented technology.
   Sinocare is actively expanding its presence in Africa and plans to establish production plants in Algeria and Egypt to realize the localized production of blood glucose test strips. This move will significantly reduce transportation costs and time and accelerate its capabilities to provide people in Africa with diabetes monitoring products.