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Happy Birthday | Sinocare 19th Anniversary

Time: 2021-08-10 Hits: 456

     On August 7, 2021, the beginning of autumn, the symbol of hope and harvest of the throttle, also ushered in the three of 19 years old birthday, three north "by making and honoring promises that can still love you," the 19th anniversary of theme SiQing day at its headquarters in changsha, in each office friends also heart is three, by watching live form, with all three er to spend quality time together.


     At 9 o 'clock in the morning, a memorable day began with the melodious singing of the headquarters and foreign offices. Yes, although our main venue was in Changsha, friends thousands of miles away also sent their birthday wishes to Nuo son!Their superior voice will conquer me, nuo son decided to turn around for you!

    The highly anticipated headquarters park activity is coming!The huge venue covers many buildings, and 240 precious tickets were instantly sold out!Professional photographers follow the whole event!

    Watch the young men compete in groups to find and collect 16 kinds of dolls that represent employee welfare hidden in the floor!In this game, anyone who takes a photo with an old employee who joined the company before 2010 can immediately redeem a universal substitute chapter.Let's run, cooperate, communicate and touch again and again, and Get the small happiness hidden in the floor!


What is happiness?

     Happiness means a peaceful country and a safe people, an early end to the epidemic, and no longer a raging flood. Happiness means striving to realize the transformation at every stage, grasping the infinite possibilities of beauty, and the harvest after hard work. It means that wherever you go, there are people who care, love and accompany you, and all these happiness can be realized in Sanpromise.