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Medica | Sinocare Attends the Exhibiton with Diabetes Care Products

Time: 2021-11-19 Hits: 121

November 15-18, Dusseldorf Hospital and Medical Equipment Overseas (hereinafter referred to as "MEDICA");Held as scheduled at the Dusself Exhibition Center in Germany, Medica is also the grand event of offline activities since the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, attracting the global professional audience.


This time, the theme of "international leading diabetes monitoring experts" is set up with 36 square meters of bare floor booth of Sinocare.In its dedicated booth,Sinocare displayed different type of chronic diseases management products,including Blood glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor,blood lipid  monitor and uric acid monitor, also unveiled its portable multi-function analyzer,portable HbA1C Analyzer and advanced glycation end of Products Fluorescence Detector.


Despite the current epidemic situation, the enthusiasm of professional visitors was not affected at all. Sinocare team received many customers from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America this time. The small instrument which is convenient for home monitoring of chronic diseases with multiple indicators won the praise of the visitors.AGEscan non-invasive diabetes risk screening product and iCARE-2100 portable automatic multifunctional detector also attracted a lot of attention, and some CEO customers are highly interested  of it and signed trial orders on the spot.


At present, Sinocare products have been exported to more than 136 countries and regions in the world, and the steady growth of overseas business in recent years has gradually enhanced the brand power of "Sinocare" in overseas markets.Let's see you MEDICA 2022!