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Panamanian Medical and Health officials visited Sinocare Inc.

Time: 2019-10-21 Hits: 345

On 12th Oct, Panamanian Medical and Health officials visited Sinocare Inc.

Under Sinocare international sales department staff’s introduction, the officials experienced a deeply understand about Sinocare’s development behavior: since 2002, we have started our journey on promoting affordable diabetes products and developing local diabetes healthcare industry in China. By 2016, Sinocare has acquired of Nipro diagnostic Inc. (now renamed as Trividia Health Inc.) and PTS Diagnostics Inc. successfully. The internationalization process of Sinocare has greatly surprised the Panamanian friends.

In the Sinocare’s product display area, the rich product series and perfect product features have attracted a great interest to everyone. They took out their mobile phones to take photos with the Sinocare’s series of blood glucose meter products and POCT products. Especially, the Sinocare Minute Clinic Experience Zone has become a famous area. In turn, everyone experienced five minutes to detect ten chronic disease indicators (blood sugar, blood ketone, blood uric acid, blood lipids, glycosylated hemoglobin, blood pressure, BMI). The test results showed that several Panamanian friends have high blood lipid detection values or high blood sugar levels, which related to their high oil and high fat diet.

After the visit, officials showed a great appreciation about Sinocare’s corporate culture and products, and expressed their intention of business cooperation: “I hope that our country can also use these products to help us having a better grassroots health management.”