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People’s Meeting Hall|LI Shaobo of Sinocare Inc.

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Facilitate the digital-intelligent transformation, and make a global development layout

LIN Luofu, YU Lele, and intern OUYANG Yi

August 5, 2022 08:59am Source: People’s Daily Online - Hunan Channel

Editor’s Note: Private economy is an important force in China's economic and social development. In the tide of era development, many private entrepreneurs dare to take the lead, work hard and continue to strengthen their strength through innovation and development. They have made outstanding contributions to the development of the national economy and played an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting innovation, increasing employment, and improving people's livelihood.

Recently, LI Shaobo, chairman of Sinocare Inc., has been a guest at the video interview program people’s Meeting Hall’ of People's Daily Online, sharing the changes brought by digitalization and globalization to the industry development by focusing on the rapid development of digital economy and the development demands of continuously iterative personalized products, and exploring the road to the innovation and development of diabetes digital management by keeping up with the national development strategies.

In midsummer, the sun is shining fiercely in Changsha. Located in the workshop of Sinocare Inc., the Hi-tech Zone, Changsha City, the workers, and the equipment are seamlessly connected on the automatic assembly production line. Small parts and components are combined into a blood glucose monitoring system through dozens of processes. After being packaged, these products will be sent to different regions of the world for sale.

With the dream of 'making every diabetic patient in China have their blood glucose meter' in his mind, LI Shaobo has developed the Sinocare blood glucose meter instead of an imported blood glucose meter by taking ‘Accuracy, Simplicity and Economy' as an innovation standard. From then on, he has facilitated the popularization of blood glucose meters in China and the blood glucose self-management of China's diabetic patients.

‘Go to the grassroots, substitute the imported ones, make ordinary people willing to buy, afford to buy and buy an accurate blood glucose meter, Sinocare Inc. has been making its efforts for that objective. It has made its greatest efforts in developing blood glucose monitoring equipment. Through microscopic innovation by changing dropping blood to a test strip into test strip siphon technology, it has opened a journey to detection innovation. Nowadays, the growing powerful enterprise is striding forward with the transformation of digitalization and globalization.

‘To become an expert in diabetes digital management, it is inevitable for Sinocare Inc. to solve the problems through digital intelligence, build the basic capacity of digital intelligence, improve the digital efficiency and quality of business and help its customers succeed through market-oriented ecological organization’. LI Shaobo spoke out his thoughts concerning the situation of building an international first-class enterprise and proceeding to digital transformation.

Sinocare Inc. has been established for twenty years. By now, the enterprise has developed into the world's fifth-largest glucose meter enterprise from a factory building with less than 50 square meters. Facing the industry status quo of a complex domestic and international environment and fierce industry competition, Sinocare Inc. has always insisted on its original aspiration of facilitating the popularization of blood glucose meters in China and making efforts to become the leading diabetes digital management expert in the world.

‘Only through continuous innovation can an enterprise maintain a leading position in the industry, and the transformation of digitalization is the driving force of Sinocare Inc. for innovation and secondary growth’, LI Shaobo said: Based on digital connectivity, digital diabetes, and digital operations, Sinocare Inc. has established a digital Smart transformation program, with an aim to help the people with chronic diseases such as diabetes to improve the quality of their life, to promote the digitalization of users, business and manufacturing through product non-stop information direct access, in-hospital and out-hospital integration, intelligent point-of-care Testing (iPOCT) and continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM).

Through active consultation as well as the National Diabetes Prevention and Control Center (DPCC), Sinocare Inc. will achieve the integration of medical treatment and prevention and improve the efficiency and quality of in-hospital diabetes management to realize the implementation of in-hospital and out-hospital diabetes management integration. Among them, grass-roots doctors are connected to services through intelligent point-of-care Testing (iPOCT), which not only improves the level of primary care but also makes diabetes management realize a closed loop.

Nowadays, Sinocare Inc. defines the products with software and improves the S.OT platform of the IoT; realizes the platform of products and services by combining artificial intelligence with diabetes digital management, and actively improves the digital basic capabilities of 5G IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud and big data (5IABCD), to provide various basic supports for the constructing next decade.

‘Digitalization can greatly improve customer experience, and customer experience will become the key to differentiated competition between companies.’LI Shaobo said in introducing it, ‘achieve the synergy of global supply chain and manufacturing and the synergy of research and development; continue to achieve the compliance of FDA, so as to let the foreign subsidiaries to implement the mass production of products; new products are launched in the global market ... ...All those are driven by digitalization.

For those purposes, LI Shaobo believes that an enterprise shall constantly integrate new technology and a new mode, to gradually develop in the direction of digitalization. Next step, Sinocare Inc. will build the organizational capacity to meet the innovation requirements of products and services, promote process optimization with business change through cultural exchanges and a global job rotation system; and will, at the same time, support the reform of business to achieve the localization of the global main market.

Globalization is an inevitable trend in the development of the world today, and also an important breakthrough for the development and expansion of Chinese enterprises at the same time. As a hi-tech biosensor enterprise fostered in China, Sinocare Inc. has established the corporate strategic objectives of becoming a global chronic disease detection expert and a global diabetes digital management expert immediately after being listed, and hope to realize the process of globalization by ‘taking root in China and going to the world’.

At present, Sinocare Inc. is going to the global market by making use of its products’ advantages; achieves the development and growth of businesses by building localized teams in other regions of the world; hopes to develop its global capabilities through external mergers and acquisitions, and achieves the expansion of businesses by making use of brand strength and product strength of the companies acquired in other countries.

‘In the process of globalization, the construction of its capabilities and the building of global organizations are the challenges that the companies need to face and the problems that they need to solve in the process of advancement. In this process, Sinocare Inc. will build global organizations and teams in various ways, to meet the challenges of globalization." LI Shaobo expressed, ‘As a hi-tech company, I need to consider THE global competitiveness from the beginning of starting its business .’

With 20 years of development, Sinocare Inc. Has spread its business in 135 countries and regions around the world and has built 7 manufacturing and R & D centers in Changsha, Dongguan, Hsinchu, Sunnyvale, Fort Lauderdale, New Hampshire, and Indianapolis. It began to build Sinocare Biotech Qingshan Park in 2021, which will be put into production this year. It will achieve the large-scale production of new products iCARE and iCGMS developed globally, to meet the R & D and production needs of the company from intelligent manufacturing to intelligent and healthy development.

‘Setting sail to the sea is only the first step. How to set sail is an important topic that Sinocare Inc. has been thinking about.’ LI Shaobo thinks, ‘product quality is our fundamental foothold in the market and the guarantee of our development. Sinocare Inc. has always kept its commitment to the users, ensuring to provide safe, effective, and affordable products and services; adhered to the principle of ‘quality first and user experience first’; and conducted global compliance operations to make the company’s products and services truly help the users in improving the quality of their life.

‘Only through continuous innovation can we continuously improve our global competitiveness. Sinocare Inc. is striving to become a global expert in diabetes digital management. At the end of the interview, LI Shaobo firmly states that Sinocare Inc. will be adapted to the core organizational capacity building of ‘professionalization, digitalization and globalization and the strategy of ‘global leading diabetes digital management expert’, and keep up with the national development strategy to become a globally competitive hi-tech enterprise rooted in China and going to the world.


(Responsible editors: LI Shujing and PENG Yingbing)