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Sinocare attended 2018 Middle Medlab East in Dubai

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In order to promote economic and trade cooperation and technical exchanges between China’s medical community and the global industry and to understand the development trend of the international medical industry, Sinocare made its debut at MEDLAB MIDDLE EAST 2018 (abbreviated as MEDLAB), which is hold in Dubai, Arabia, carrying a series of products including blood glucose meters, diabetes nutrition and skin care products, and multi-index detection products of chronic diseases.

Medlab Middle East was originally an important part of Arab Health, but it was held independently since 2017. MEDLAB Middle East 2018, as the biggest professional platform in the field of medical laboratory equipment and inspection equipment in the Middle East and even the world, attracted more than 600 companies from all over the world to display the latest products and state-of-the-art technologies of the industry in the exhibition. In addition, it attracted more than 25,000 professional visitors from 129 countries and regions around the world to join the exhibition. Because of the steady growth of the market demand for medical equipment in the Middle East and the continuous improvement of medical services, many world-renowned medical equipment providers gathered in Dubai to participate in this exhibition.

Sinocare, which has been exhibiting four consecutive sessions, brought many blood glucose meters and multi-index detection products of chronic diseases for the guests of this exhibition. Trividia Health Inc. and PTS, which are two American companies and were respectively acquired by Sinocare in January and July of 2016, also exhibited their featured products—- “Zhenrui” skin care and nourishment products, “Zhenrui” series blood glucose meters, A1CNow, and CardioChek® P·A. Among them, the A1CNow + hand-held glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer only needs a little blood of fingertip (5μL) to test the value of HbA1c and the results can be got within 5 minutes, which is more efficient than laboratory examination, attracting many guests for consultation.


When asked why A1CNow was so popular, the staff of the International Department of Sinocare explained that: “This product is small and portable and can be used in many sections. It is easy to operate and requires only simple training to learn how to operate. Therefore, guests are very interested in it. It can be used at anytime and anywhere, which is convenient.”


There are also series of Sinocare blood glucose meters displaying at this exhibition including Safe-Accu, Safe-Accu2, Safe AQ Smart, Safe AQ Voice, Gold-Accu, Gold AQ, EA-12, and D’nurse. With the magnificent function of “simultaneously measuring blood glucose and uric acid with one blood collection”, the double-index detection products of Sinocare, EA-12 blood glucose and uric acid tester was also one of the highlights of the exhibition.

Although there is a huge amount of diabetics in China, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East possesses the highest incidence of diabetes, which is also one of the reasons why Sinocare’s glycated hemoglobin detector and double-index detection products are very popular among guests of the exhibition. Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health cooperated with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation of University of Washington to conduct a survey of the prevalence of diabetes in Saudi Arabia. The result of the survey showed that the prevalence of diabetes in citizens was about 13.4%. The main causes of the rising incidence of diabetes in Saudi Arabia are lifestyle changes, rising obesity rates, and lack of exercise. And if the diabetes is not treated effectively, it is likely to derive a series of complications. Relevant data showed that the mortality rate of diabetes was greater than the total death rate of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


As the largest trading center and the distributing center of transit goods in the Middle East, Dubai has excellent geographical location and wide market radiation. Therefore, it is called “the largest free zone in the world” and “Hongkong of the Middle East”. Recently, with the rapid development of the population in the Middle East, the demand for medical equipment, medicine and medical services is growing gradually. Facing the huge medical needs, the Saudi Arabia Government has been actively building infrastructure and encouraging private capital to enter the medical service market. Based on relevant statistics, in recent years, the export amount of medical equipment products in the Middle East of our country has always been maintained between 20 million and 30 million US dollars each year. According to reports of foreign media, the total size of the medical equipment market in the Middle East has exceeded 10 billion dollars.