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Sinocare attended ‘China (Hunan) Equipment and Manufacturing Entered Cambodia Investment Expo’

Time: 2019-11-27 Hits: 315

On November 19, China (Hunan) Equipment and Manufacturing Entered Cambodia Investment Expo was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This event is hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, the People's Government of Changsha, and organized by the Changsha Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee, and Hunan Red Star International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

It is reported that there are 32 companies presented a wonderful appearance at the exhibition this time, focusing on Hunan (Changsha) equipment and manufacturing’s new technologies and new achievements, including power, economic and trade investment, engineering construction, medical biology industries etc. In-depth exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in agricultural development, culture and other fields, have strengthened and pushed China-Cambodia friendly cooperation into a new level. 

“Rooted in China, Going to the world”, Sinocare, as one of  the representative of Hunan enterprises, since its establishment in 2002,  has been committed to using biosensor technology to develop, produce, and market rapidly detection products. Sinocare have been fully dedicated to the popularization and promotion of the blood glucose meter and the development of blood glucose health management in China. With its “Focus, Professionalism and Expertise” strategic positioning, Sinocare has gradually developed into a global leader in diabetes management.

In January 2016, Sinocare participated in the acquisition of Trividia Health Inc. in the United States, becoming the world's sixth largest blood glucose meter company, and entering the global blood glucose meter leading camp. In July of the same year, Sinocare participated in the acquisition of Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. in the United States, actively expanded the POCT testing business, and provided solutions for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. The Sinocare Smart Health Project, which started in August 2018, will focus on mobile medical chronic disease management and develop a new model of chronic disease management.

"The development of Cambodia's health and medical equipment is still in the initial stage of the equipment market. It is dominated by hospitals and individual equipment stores, and the device distribution market is full of vitality. With the rapid development of Cambodia and the improvement of people's living standards, the health and medical equipment market is bound to a high-speed growth period. "Li Shaobo, Chairman of Sinocare Inc., he said," I hope to do what I can that would be worth with the health of Cambodian in the future! "

It is reported that exhibiting in ASEAN is the first time for a Hunan enterprise under the government's leadership, and to participate in three ASEAN countries: Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Achieving a win-win cooperation with ASEAN countries.