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Sinocare awarded “Brand of the Year” in the 10th Healthy The China Awards

Time: 2019-08-16 Hits: 1554

Brand is a huge intangible asset for enterprises and also the integrity and reputation accumulated for many years. A company often experiences a series of tests of time before it becomes a well-known brand from a small one. It is essential that companies should use quality to create value, win trust with sincerity, spread the connotation of brand by culture, and achieve long-term development with the spirit of innovation.

Recently, the release ceremony of the tenth Healthy China Awards of “Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan”, which was co-held by Health News Office, www.39.net, Brain Power, was held in Beijing, China. Gao Fu, who is the director of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the vice president of Chinese Medical Association and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other 9 people won the award of “Person of the Year”, and 10 hospitals such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital were awarded the “Health Humanities Hospital of the Year”. 27 outstanding pharmaceutical companies, including Sinocare, won the “Brand of the Year”, “Annual Business Citizens” and other awards respectively.

As the core selection activity of the “Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan”, the final award list of the tenth Healthy China Awards was produced through many procedures, which include the KPMG’s full scrutinizing of its balloting, nomination by big data, negative screening of public opinion and online publicity, experts’ initial evaluation, reply to brand reevaluation, experts’ final evaluation, and social publicity. “Brand of the Year”, Sinocare stood out from hundreds of brands. This is because it not only pays its own strength for “Healthy China”, but also strives for the release of Chinese brand strength.


With the dream of ” letting all diabetic patients in China have their own blood glucose meters”, Sinocare was founded in 2002, and launched the journey of promoting affordable blood glucose monitoring products and developing local diabetes care industry in China. Adhering to the core value of “abiding by our commitment and dedication to Health”, Sinocare is committed to the innovation of biosensing technology, aiming at researching, developing, producing and selling a series of rapid diagnostic testing products for patients with chronic diseases and health care professionals.

In the past fifteen years, with characteristics of “accuracy, simpleness and economy”, Sinocare blood glucose meter has won the praise from many China consumers. By far, our products has developed into several series, including Safe AQ series, SAFE-ACCU series, gold series, double-function EA-11 blood glucose & uric acid meter, Mobile blood glucose meter and intelligent blood glucose monitoring system. In China, more than 50% of diabetics who are self-monitoring diseases use Sinocare products.

At the time of continuous development of our company, Sinocare will not forget the beginning of the heart and will constantly feed back to the society and carry out charitable activities. The priority of Sinocare’ s participation in social public welfare activities is to popularize the concept of health, improve the awareness of the people’s health care and protect the health of the people. Therefore, Sinocare are actively expanding to the field of diabetes medical services, creating the mode of “hardware + software + service” and helping diabetics understand and master the comprehensive diabetes management, to move towards the goal of “changing our role from popularizer of blood glucose meters to diabetes management experts”.