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Sinocare with Medlab Middle East 2020

Time: 2020-02-11 Hits: 574

      Changsha Sinocare Inc. participated in MEDLAB Middle East 2020 in Dubai, between 2/3/2020~2/6/2020.

MEDLAB is a well-known and largest attended leading laboratory and diagnostics exhibitions and conferences worldwide, this annual laboratory meeting has been attracted over 600 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees from 129+ countries.

Sinocare has 18 years experiences among the R&D, production and sales of blood glucose monitoring system. Especially, during these two years, our products PCH 100(Portable HbA1c Analyzer), PABA 1000(ACR Analyzer) were released to the international market one after another, Sinocare is reaching the international POCT corporation gradually.

In MEDLAB 2020, Sinocare brings out another two big presents for our patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases in the worldwide, named AGEscan and iCARE-2000.

AGEscan is an advanced glycation end products fluorescence detetor, through non-invasive and painles eye scanning, after 6 seconds can get the results, for predicting the risk of diabetes in the next 5-10 years. AGEscan is a good choice for undiagnosed people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to do the early screening, and for healthy group to conduct their diabetes risk assessments.

AGEs is an independent pathogenic factor affecting the occurrence and sustainable development of diabetes which is associated with proinsulin/insulin. As the age grows, AGEs slowly accumulate in the lens of the eye, and the rate of AGEs is accelerated in insulin resistance, impaired glucose regulation, and diabetic patients. Due to the stable and irreversible characteristics of AGEs, it has superior "memory". Compared with other diabetes monitoring indicators, high AGEs levels can reflect the cumulative damage of abnormal blood sugar and oxidative stress for a longer period of time. It can be used as an early warning signs of pre-diabetes and complications.

iCARE-2000 is a portable automatic multi-function analyzer. In the future, patients with minor ailments will be encouraged to visit community-level medical institutions to reduce the overwhelmed burden of large hospitals. iPOCT will be gradually occurs in the rural hospitals and community-level medical institutions where it would be an ideal fit to meet the demands of low-volume testing and the lack of skilled personnel.

iCARE-2000 using liquid phase core technology which can do a great performance ensuring the result more accurately. Compared to large medical equipment, iCARE-2000 does some subtractions, using pre-filled reagent cards, eliminates the fluid drive of the instrument, thus there is no need for the non-core mechanical and fluid components, while retaining the optical and temperature control systems, in the other word, there is no need for calibration or cleaning fluid. What’s more, there are 16 combinatorial reagent cards & 37 basic biochemical and coagulation Indicators for iCARE-2000, and there are more indicators will be available for this kind of product.

“By working with love, we improve quality of life for patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases.” Said by our president, Mr. Li.

Sinocare has been opening a new entrance to the whole course management of diabetes, providing superior quality products and best service is our basic and continuous tenet.