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Stand Together in Solidarity, and Sail Far Against the Wind

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Founded in 2019, Hunan Tangrenteshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd has been committed to the development and promotion of sugar-control staple food. We worked with several upstream enterprises and research institutions to research, develop, and produce sugar-control staple food, and diabetic-specific food. Starting from 2004, Mr. Zeng Dengyu (the founder of Tangrenteshan) and Sinocare forgedastrongpartnership as one of the firstbatches of users. Looking back on the past 18 years, Mr. Zeng has a lot to say.

In 2004, the first SXT-Type 1 glucometer was developed and put into use. To helpthebusiness grow, Chairman Li Shaobo ledtheBD team to look for like-minded partners. Situated near the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, a store mainly offering food for diabetics became the earliest partner of Sinocare.

Like Meeting an Old Friend

Mr. Zeng Dengyu can still remember clearly what happened back then. He was working at the store when some visitors came in with devices. Dressed in a suit, the one standing in front was holding a glucometer - the newly developed SXT - Type 1 glucometer. Mr. Zeng then realized they came to promote the glucometer. In fact, at that time, glucometers of other brands were also sold at the store, but when Chairman Li Shaobo used his glucometer, Mr. Zeng found the unique charm of a device practitioner. Theyare specialized in glucose monitoring and dietary management respectively, resembling the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. The two of them stand togetherand rule the industry. Then two young men quickly become partners and embarked on a journey of long-term cooperation.

Working Together

They didn't know that the partnership could last for 18 years. At the very beginning, a lot of problems emerged. As the first batchisbeing produced, improvement is needed in the function of SXT – 1. Through multiple tests and repeated adjustments after taking suggestionsforimprovement in the market and product, devices produced later were getting better and better.

Glucometers of other brands were available in 2004, yet it was seen as a luxury, and few people would like to pay high prices to buy a glucometer and do blood sugar tests at home. Then how to make glucometer affordable to every diabetic? With the same goal in mind, the two young men often share their thoughts. They then came up with a model of “buy test paper and get glucometer for free”-the latest attempt in the history of glucometersales.

The attempt proved to be successful. Glucometer users at that time were mostly senior citizens. Other brands’ glucometers need to be separately purchased at a relatively higher price. So Sinocare’s new model- “buy test paper and get glucometer for free”- is more acceptable. Customers feel quite good about getting a free device upon buying test paper. As a result, with the introduction of this model, glucometer sales improved significantly, and the number of singleglucometers sold in the store multiplied.

Promising Future Ahead

No one could have expected that a contract signed 18 years ago at a small store would remain valid up till now.

The Chairman of a company would personally develop a business, test blood sugar for users, and tell them the do's and don'ts-that’s somethingMr. Zeng Dengyu can not imagine. But that’s not unexpected when he thinks about it now because what Sinocare has achieved so far is not possible without conscientious and responsible members of Sinocare.

Chairman Li Shaobo has been committed to providing a glucometer to every diabetic, which strikes a chord with Mr. Zeng. The two like-minded device practitioners tried their best to make glucometer affordable to all diabetics, and enable them to test their blood sugar at any time.

Mr. Zeng has also worked in the medical device industry for many years, so he believes that, aside from offering reliable testing devices, services after that, like health management including diet and exercise, are more important.

It’s not uncommon to see diabetics “want to eat but worry fluctuating blood sugar” in their daily life. To deal with that problem, Hunan Tangrenteshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd has been committed to developing meal replacement staple food that has alow GI and rich nutrition. Sinocare also develops along with social progress by making innovations, pursuing excellence, and developing a device with accurate reading, and is a good fit for use habits. As a loyal user of Sinocare for more than a decade,Mr. Zeng also witnessed Sinocare’s development as he keeps watching silently new productlaunches and serviceimprovements. He said that Sinocare’s glucometer is the best of its kind, with devices keep updating and company philosophy improving remarkably. He is honored and proud to beon the journey with Sinocare up till now.

It’s not surprising, though, as our original intention is to help improve the quality of life of people with diabetes. Blood sugar monitoring and diet complement each other, and blood sugar can be better controlled by combining a healthy diet and timely blood sugar monitoring. It is our shared hope to see all diabetics live a happy life. Looking forward to our strong partnership in the next 10 or 20 years. Together, we will provide more customer-friendly,better-quality products and services for diabetics!