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Striving forward to the summit against the wind

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The Chairman of Sinocare and founder of Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic Prof. Li Shaobo often says, “Diabetes is like Mount Qomolangma, within sight but hard to climb. Only love and determination/belief enable us to reach the summit of conquering it.” It is the love and cares for diabetics and the belief to manage diabetes by scientific and professional methods, Sinocare set up Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic in 2021 complying with the tendency.


Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic

A saying not strange to those who know about diabetes goes that what terrifies is not diabetes itself but not knowing it at all! As the promoter of Blood glucose monitor (BGM) popularization in China, Sinocare has successfully improved diabetics’ self-blood glucose control effects over the past 20 years. That being said, there are still problems that how to wider spread the knowledge of diabetes, how to further help the population in pre-diabetes to effectively control, and how to solve more problems about blood glucose control and complication prevention and treatment.

“For high blood glucose, what we notice is not only the figure but also how to manage the health after the diagnosis. Therefore we need to know what that figure will mean behind. Sinocare has proactively expanded its medical service for diabetics and taught them know-how on proper sport, diet keeping, insulin injection, and living a happy and healthy life.” Said Mr. Li as the founder of the clinic who expected to help diabetics understand and master comprehensive management of diabetes.

Ma Jinju, theDirector of Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinicwitnessed the establishment of the clinic, “Based on our in-depth industrial exploration, we know that the blood glucose level can be well and stably managed by integrating the adjustment of lifestyle and behaviors, proper pharmacotherapy and long-term self-monitoring, but why over 60% of diabetics still fail to manage their blood glucose well? Because it not only needs your perception but also your action.” For this purpose, the clinic has equipped diabetics with professional physicians, health managers, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, and pharmacists to work out and implement personal solutions involving diet, sports, and pharmacotherapy in our daily work.


Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic is Equipped with a Dietician for Diet instruction

On October 25, 2021, approved by the Health Commission, Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic started to open for service with chronic diseases as its core and set up relevant disciplines for diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and related complications.

On October 11, the date ahead of the formal service date, the Executive Deputy Director of Hunan Medical Reform Office, Party Group member of the Health Commission, Long Kaichao went on an inspection tour to Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic and expressed his high expectation of the clinic, and proposed four strategies for the development of the clinic. First, to specialization-driven to level up position; second, to be technology-driven to create innovation and demonstration base; third, to be management-driven to offer people-oriented and flexible services; four, to be innovation-driven to take advantage of the current internet, AI, and big data technology to offer more convenient and higher efficiency medical services for the large group of patients with such chronic diseases as diabetes.

The clinic has reached two-way referral strategic cooperation with the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, co-established “Hunan’s first diabetes reversal outpatient” with Jin Ping, Director of the Department of Endocrinology of the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, creating a comprehensive diabetes refined service system for the prevention and delaying of complications, diabetes reverse. This is much-closer cooperation for both sides in two-way referral, green channel, business guidance, remote consultation, and resource sharing, which can benefit the residents nearby with quality medical services offered by the general hospital with Class III Grade A.

Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic reached two-way referral strategic cooperation with the Third  Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

       Mr. Li, 44 years old, suffered from 12 years of diabetes, is the beneficiary of this medical service. Before he came to our clinic, he had been to another hospital for help but failed to release from such syndromes as facial swelling for one year, acro-anesthesia for three months, and poor effect of blood glucose level control. He came to our clinic with his wife once he heard of it near where he lives, and the Director of Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic Ma Jinju examined such relevant indicators as glycosylated hemoglobin, worked out an individualized treatment solution for him, offered medication and sports and diet instruction, and used Sinocare blood glucose monitor to record and manage his blood glucose data real-time, which serves as the reference for subsequent visits.

To Mr. Li’s surprise, after ten days of treatment, his facial swelling disappeared and the acro-anesthesia got improved. He texted and expressed his gratitude to Ma Jinju and her team, “Thank you so much and I feel relieved to let you manage my health in the future.”

Liao Yu, a doctor from Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic, was impressed by another young woman diabetic and said, “When she came to me for the first time, she was obese with a BMI of 36.2. She was diagnosed withT2DM, polycystic ovary syndrome, and hypertension.” Regarding her condition, our outpatient clinic gave her an individualized treatment plan and assigned the doctor to follow up at any time to guide medication and answer questions.

“We instructed her to take Semaglutide for medication, keep her diet and do some sports. One month later, her weight was lost by 10KG. Her blood glucose and blood pressure level were found back to normal. Now her condition is better and stable. Keeping medication, losing weight, and maintaining blood pressure and glucose stable makes her more optimistic about life. Additionally, weight loss is also helpful to improve the fertility of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.” Said Doctor Liao Yu, who was gratified with the treatment effects.5-4-企业微信截图_16702360478501

Prof. Li Shaobo, Chairman of Sinocare and Founder of Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic

Receiving a diverse group of patients and giving them individualized treatment solutions is the most common part of an outpatient, which paves the way to conquer "Mount Qomolangma" diabetes. On top of this, we also need to watch other “scenery” on the summit.

Among others, the obese is one of the high-risk groups for diabetes. For the specific treatment for this population, our clinic joined hands with Xiangya Hospital of Central South University Medical Treatment Combination to set up Obesity Prevention and Treatment Alliance Clinic, which is the first cooperation with a private medical agency for Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. During the event themed World Obesity Day on May 8, 2021, our clinic worked with the Obesity Prevention Committee of Hunan Preventive Medicine Association led by Prof. Wu Jing from Obesity Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University and held a series of activities on obesity knowledge publicity, aiming to implement the requirements in the Healthy China Action 2019-2030, let the public understand knowledge about weight loss, prevent severe obesity and complications and avoid misunderstanding on obesity prevention and control.

A meaningful year just came after the operation of our clinic. The year 2022 marks Sinocare’s 20th Anniversary. Director Ma Jinju expressed her hope for the clinic “Sinocare Diabetes Health Clinic will stay true to its original aspiration and strive forward to contribute to building Sinocare into a globally leading diabetes digital management expert!”

“Harm of diabetes = high blood glucose + time, so only knowing you are diabetic is far from enough. With professional medical guidance and help, the blood glucose should be balanced to prevent long-term hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia which are harmful to your body. Only in this way, the complications of diabetes can be effectively controlled and even diabetes can be reversed in pre-diabetes and early diabetes." From Chairman Li Shaobo's perspective, there is still room for more possibilities for the clinic.

To understand a clinic, an enterprise, you might as well follow its gaze to see where to stay. When it looks up to the top of the mountain, it will be of great significance to reach the top though the wind is perhaps piercingly cold.