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In April 2005, at the Inpatient Department of the First Clinical Hospital affiliated with Harbin Medical University.

After a night of the rescue, the 15-month-old Na Na was finally out of ketoacidosis danger. The doctor told the child’s father that his daughter had come down with diabetes type 1, would need to use insulin for lifelong, and should be monitored for her blood sugar every day.

In the coming days, the strong father began to learn about the knowledge of diabetes. To save on the treatment cost, he bought an imported blood glucose meter worth RMB 460.00 Yuan and some test strips at a price of RMB5.00 Yuan / pcs from the pharmacy opposite the hospital. Although it was relatively cheap compared with that of a blood sugar monitor from the hospital, her careful father thought that a test strip of RMB5.00 Yuan was equivalent to the price of a carp, she needed to be tested four times a day, plus four insulin syringes a day at a price of RMB2.00 Yuan / pcs; in addition to insulin and other expenses…. ….

This father shook his head and could not do anything about it for a poor family in which there was a patient with a disease of wealth. So he r father replaced the blood sugar test strip with a urine sugar test strip after she was discharged from the hospital. When he saw that the test strip turns blue, he would inject her less insulin; when he saw that the test strip turns red, he would adjust the amount of insulin based on the number of +. He never thought that this decision would let Na Na endure hardships again in the following days, and this also became a pain in the heart of Na Na’s father.

On July 13, 2012, Na Na began to vomit. Although she took stomach medicine and also medicine to treat vomiting, she did not get better. Since the final exam was coming at that time, Na Na needed to go to school and took an examination paper. So she endured abdominal pain and enfolded her tummy to answer the examination paper. On July 30, her father took her to Harbin Children's Hospital. Based on the diagnosis, Na Na suffered from ketoacidosis again.

At that time, she had been hospitalized for five days. After she left the hospital, her father saw a Sinocare Safe Blood Glucose Meter at a pharmacy in Harbin, and a box of the test strip is RMB25.00 Yuan, the result would come out after 25 seconds. Compared with that of the biochemical test from the county hospital, the results were not bad at all. At that time, her father was touched by the results and said that I could finally let my daughter be monitored for blood sugar daily and might adjust her diet and her exercises according to the results of the blood sugar test.   

By now, many years have passed by. This father wrote a letter to Sinocare Inc., saying that his eldest daughter had been admitted to Peking University. Although there were three diabetic patients out of four persons in his family, they ensure that it can meet the demand of three diabetes for blood glucose monitoring in their family. Their child has grown up with Sinocare Inc., from a Safe blood glucose meter to a Safe free-modulation blood glucose meter. However, the first Safe blood glucose meter used by them, a product of ‘honor level’, has been still cherished by them.

‘I will keep it as my hereditary treasure’. This father wrote in his letter.