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The Story of love between Sinocare and me

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——Thejouney of an olddiabeticpalwith Sinocare Inc. for 34 years


Learn about Sinocare Inc., get familiar with Sinocare, and become attached to Sinocare!

Looking back suddenly, wearing the ’Laurel’ known as diabetes type 1 on my head, I have been also labeled with ‘diabetes’ for 34 years. This rock makes me under great pressure in my heart: Whenever I go out, I have to bring oral medicine and insulin for injection (Super long-term effect and short-term effects), and I have to carry a blood glucose meter every day to monitor the blood glucose at any time, know the situation of blood glucose. I have often wondered when I can take it off and when I can become a free man. However, those are merely dreams for me … …

For the beginning of my affection for Sinocare Inc., I have to speak of the first Sinocare Safe + blood glucose meter that I bought.

The blood glucose meter is no stranger to me. In June 1999, I was hospitalized for rescue and treatment for 8 days due to ketoacidosis caused by severe diarrhea. It was the doctors that pulled me out of the brink of death. During the period of my hospitalization, when I watched a doctor test my blood glucose with a box-size blood glucose meter, I curiously asked the doctor what it was.

When the doctor told me that it was a blood glucose meter, I immediately asked the doctor if I could afford it. The doctor told me that I could. But for an Imported blood glucose meter, its test strips are too expensive! After leaving the hospital, I immediately asked someone to buy the first imported blood glucose meter from a pharmaceutical company! Everyone knows that diabetes type 1 is an absolute lack of insulin, and it is common for the ups and downs of blood glucose. In this way, I began a long way to monitor my blood glucose.

There is a total of 50 PCS in two bottles of blood glucose test strips per box and 25 PCS per bottle. In the beginning, one piece test strip was nearly RMB10.00 Yuan and I needed to use five to seven test strips at least every day, which made me overwhelmed and a little unbearable. To reduce my economic burden brought on by the disease, I used urine glucose test strips under the condition that my blood glucose was stable. In this way, I have been using them for 15 years… …

With the growing increase of diabetic patients, I can clearly feel that the country is paying more and more attention to the scientific popularization education on diabetes. For example, many hospitals have opened large-scale public welfare lectures. I have also realized that it is urgent to learn about the knowledge of diabetes. With the wide application of smartphones, major websites have launched a section for learning about diabetes. In the process of continuous learning, I have also known a lot of like-minded diabetic friends. 

When exchanging my experiences with diabetes with my diabetic friends, they strongly recommended a Sinocare blood glucose meter to me. At that time, I was still not confident of any domestic blood glucose meters and asked them whether it was Okay, whether their accuracy was higher and whether their error was great. Later, my diabetic friends told me certain that it was accurate, and you might use it with ease, it was a popular blood glucose meter prepared for our ordinary diabetic friends, it was reasonable in price and easy to use, the key was that the test results were accurate! and it was estimated that you wouldn't probably use another brand of blood glucose meter after you used it,… …

In this way, with a dubious attitude, I asked my son to buy a Sinocare Safe + blood glucose meter and test strips with more than RMB100.00 Yuan for me from an official flag-store of Sinocare Inc for the first time. Before the formal test, I took a drop of my blood onto the Safe + imported blood glucose meter for the test and the gap between the results of the two tests was only 0.2. I’ve never thought that the error was so small. It may be said that its precision is very high. Moreover, the key is that the price is very affordable, and it is really good for ordinary diabetic friends like our family.

      In this way, from then on, I've formed a strong affection for the Sinocare blood glucose meter. By now, a dozen years have passed by. At home, I will use it to measure my blood glucose throughout the day; when I go out, I will bring it with me to monitor my blood glucose at any time. It's very convenient. Nowadays, the Sinocare blood glucose meter has been perfectly integrated into my life. I have 5 Safe + blood glucose meters alone. In addition, I have one Jinwen + blood glucose mete and one Little Nurse mobile blood glucose meter. Generally, when I go out, I will bring the Little Nurse mobile blood glucose meter with me, for I’ve never worried that its power volume is insufficient, thus affecting its use. So I have no worries about it. It may be said that the Sinocare blood glucose meter is an indispensable good helper for me.

On the platform of Sinocare Inc., I've eagerly learned about the acknowledgment of diabetes. I’ve been fighting my diabetes with what I’ve learned from the platform, to make up for my shortcomings in the past. I did not know how to use the medication: when my blood glucose was high, I would add the medicine, and when my blood glucose was low, I would eat something but not know the reasons herein, which often resulted in a vicious circle. Now, I will find out the reasons: if hypoglycemia occurs to me, I will eat a small amount of food at a meal, and then take a little more after half an hour, so that my blood glucose will gradually rise in a small range but not rise too quickly, to avoid my hypoglycemia rebounding higher; if hyperglycemia occurs to me, I will eat less at dinner and do exercises to lower my blood glucose at the same time. So I am not eager to add medicine nor let my blood glucose fall quickly but let it fall gradually and slowly to the normal range of blood glucose.

Diabetic patients shall know that diet control is the basis of blood glucose control but not be used as a method of dieting to control blood glucose. To maintain a good blood glucose level, I’ve still eaten a quantitative meal at fixed times. Generally speaking, It is Sinocare that helps me; it has also made me change my habit of diet from a single variety to a multi-varieties: I used to take an egg, a carton of milk, and one or two pieces of homemade glucose -free bread as my breakfast; and after such change, I’ve added vegetables, nuts, homemade cereals, black beans, sesame seed, coix seed, and red bean powder. There are more than 17 varieties. In this way, I have eaten better at breakfast and my blood glucose becomes more stable. The difference between fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose is only 2 to 3 units. After changing my diet structure, I lost a lot of hair ago, but I’ve seldom lost my hair now. My ear was so itchy every day that I had to dig out with an ear scoop ago; Till now, those symptoms have disappeared. As a matter of fact, only I know myself best when these small changes occur

Over many years, I’ve always insisted on one sentence: strict self-discipline and managing your blood glucose. Taking “five carriages” proposed by Professor Hong Ding for diabetic patients as my life guide, I’ve stuck to walking and done exercises, and my exercise plan this year is that have a 10,000-step walk a day and the reduction of blood glucose by doing exercises a happy and interesting activity. Every day, I will insist on punching my exercise card, doing physical exercises, and controlling my blood glucose together with my diabetic friends on the Sinocare platform. Thus, although I’ve come down with diabetes type 1 for more than 30 years, I am still in good shape without any complications by now. This is our best return to you.

Today, Sinocarers have helped me with their great love, which makes me move. If I am sunny in heart, why will I be afraid of thediabetic devil? Sinocare Inc. has been with me for more than ten years, and I’ve been watching it silently. On the occasion of the 20th birthday of Sinocare Inc., I’ve deeply felt the reason I have never felt lonely on the road to fighting diabetes is because of Sinocare Inc., and Sinocare Inc. has interpreted the dedication of love with great love... …

wish Sinocarers would spread their love toevery corner on the earth and benefit diabetic friends all over the world! Happy 20th birthday!