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Those who have dreams are always young

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——An Interview with Jing Wang, Sales Manager of Sinocare Philippines


“I am that kind of person who loves to communicate with others, and constantly take new challenges.”

Seven years ago, when Jing Wang decided to join Sinocare, he just wanted to get estranged from the working environment where he needed to face computers all the day, and to deal with people more.


As a native of Gansu Province, he was in charge of the sales business in his hometown at the beginning.


Later on, we needed someone to build our market in Tibet. Even though the condition was difficult in Tibet, Jing Wang still chose to go on the journey, with his ambition of pioneering. During his two years in Tibet, he met thousands of obstacles. Through countless efforts he put in, the sales business in Tibet has gradually become stabilized. After several career planning and competency talks with Director Li Peng, Jing made up his mind to take the challenge of international sales business. He kept learning English while waiting for the occupancy. Finally, in 2019, our branch office in the Philippines needed a new Sales Manager, and Jing seized the opportunity without any hesitation.

“When you choose to stay in one place, you need to love that place”


Although Jing was mentally prepared before he left to the Philippines, when he arrived there, the difficulties were always greater than he imagined.

On the one hand, he needed to adjust his mentality, overcome cultural differences, adapt to local social environment as soon as possible.

On the other hand, in terms of work, from the establishment of the sales team and the construction of the distributor network, to the fussy works such as opening a company account, all the matters need him to complete. Either way was a big challenge for him.


After 9 months of adaptation and settlement, at the end of 2019, Jing Wang flew back to hometown for vacation. His original plan was to return to the Philippines right after the New Year Holiday ended. However,the sudden pandemic disrupted all his plans.


From then until June this year, Jing couldn’t get back to the Philippines, but the business and his team there, needed to be conducted by him. The forced remote management made the task even much harder.


In order to better manage the team, Jing had to communicate with his team membersmore frequently, know what they are thinking of, their worries and requests, and solve the problems together, hence avoid the unknown risks. Fortunately, until now, there hasn’t been a single incident that Jing worried about happened.


His enthusiasm, preciseness and responsibility for work make him willing to devote his energy and passion.

Although this big challenge has left him with more grey hair, he still felt very happy about the overall performance of the team and quite confident about the future plan, "I went to a totally strange environment, but I successfully fitted in. Although I could only run my team and  business onlineduring thepandemic, the team performance was great and the growth rate of revenue has remained over 100%. All of these are the reasons I affirm myself. At the same time, the experience helped me to keep learning, growing, I feel it’s all been worth it.”


“Because of passion, he chooses to dedicate; Because of responsibility, he chooses to be brave.”

At the end of June this year, through twists and turns, Jing finally got back to Manila to continue working. However, the daily number of new local COVID-19 cases still reached up to 5000-6000.

Even in this kind of difficult and high-risk environment, he resolutely chose to overcome all the difficulties, put on PPE and go out to visit customers.

In July, the average temperature in Manila is above 30, heatwave was everywhere outdoor. In this weather, he still had to wear a complete set of PPE. Just imagine it, you can understand the hardships Jing suffered.


"Nothing else but to go the extra mile," When Jing talked about his experience worth sharing with other colleagues. “Being a salesperson, you have to go deep into the local market and experiencethe reality in person. If you want to do a job better, you have to put heart into your career. Moreover, try to love the place you live and work in.”


Regarding his life and future, Jing Wang said that he actually has some regrets. Although his career has been continuing to improve, he cannot spare enough time to spend with his family due to his long-term stay abroad and stressful working nature. This is also a deep guilt in his heart. “If you choose to obtain something, you will unavoidably lose something. I’m so grateful that I have such an empathetic and supportive family. I truly appreciate my wife and my child. They are so precious to me, and I hope that in the future, I can have more chances to make up for my absence.

"I am now in my 30s. To be honest I’m not sure how long I can still maintain my best working condition. But as long as I’m in my current position, I will do my best andmake every day count.”

         Please remember, people who have dreams are always teenagers