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To be with love, and give out fragrance all the way

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In Sinocare, there is such alady. If you take what as far as you can see as a movie scene. In the office, she has focused on work and kept calm; at the meeting, she has been rigorous in logic with unique ideas; while dining in the canteen, she takes her time in eating and speaking in a soft tone; and when walking in the park, she walks gracefully in an unhurried way. In the soil of Sinocare Inc. full of vitality, she has sent out her fragrance all the way like a quietly blossoming rose. She is Wang Yuefeng,the Director of HumanResourcesDepartment of Sinocare Inc..

Remain true to its original aspiration: Help diabetic patients live with dignity

In 2015,because of a seminar of entrepreneurs and HRDs, Wang Yuefeng has a collision and intersection of ideas with Li Shaobo,Chairman ofSincocare Inc.. Facing Li Shaobo, who ismodest, polite, and desperate for talent, Wang Yuefeng chose to leavethewell-known foreign companyandjoin Li’s private enterprise. With regard to the transformation from management operation, and mode of work to place and environment, it may be difficult for others; butfor her,it's about embracing changes.

During the period of seven years since she joined Sinocare, she has not only witnessed all the way that Sinocare Inc.has been rooted in China and gone to the world, but also witnessed the upgrading of Sinocre Inc. in its vision from 'theblood glucose meterpromoter'to 'theleading diabetes digital management expert in the world'. Nowadays, Wang Yuefeng has deeply felt, from perfect products and services, developed institutional systems, and continuous digitalization changes, that, like an eagle with full wings, Sinocare Inc. is heading towards its targeted field and shouldering a greater responsibility to fly. 

'Help diabetic patients live with dignity!' With the rapid development of Sinocare Inc., the company's vision has been also constantly updated. But, what has touched Wang Yuefeng most in her heart is still this short and powerful sentence. To live with dignity and help them reduce the pain caused by complications, avoid being treated differently by others because of diseases and live a simple and happy life as a normal person through scientific lifestyle and management monitoring.

With such a sense of empathy, Wang Yuefeng has often reminded her team members at work, 'HR is a partner fighting together withall the business units. Although we haven't often had the chance to closely communicate with the users like the front-line marketing colleagues, we shall always keep the users in mind and work with a sense of mission to work, because every little thing done and every decision made by us now may directly or indirectly affect the achievement of objectives, and this common objective is to helppeople with chronic diseases like diabetes improve their quality of life.'

In her spare time, Wang Yuefeng has participated in thepublic benefit activities and donations held by Sinocare Diabetes Foundation many times. On one occasion, when she visited a baby withtype 1diabetes, Wang Yuefeng saw an old man sitting at the gate of thekid's home through the window from a distance, that old man seemed to see the guest's visit. He turned back to his room immediately, changed into a neat and decent dress, and took the child out to welcome everyone with a smile. That was ainsignificant thing,perhaps nobody has noticed that, but Wang Yuefeng felt a kind of respect and decency from the inside out.

It seems that we are respecting and loving them. But in fact, they are respecting and responding to us in their way. In many cases, love is dual-way. As long as we make joint efforts to make each other feel it. Wang Yuefeng said.

Sustainable growth - Help the employees work happily and live healthily 

In HR Department, Wang Yuefeng has said on more than one occasion: 'people-oriented is what every HR shall do.' In her opinion,not just human resource officers,but all the management personnel shall pay attention to 'people',because people are the key factor to the success of a business. However, HR shall be more the proponent of employees and the promoter of reform, while corporate culture has provided such soil for employees.

Because of the concern about the feelings of 'people', the companylaunched acomprehensive benefitsystemcalled “Every Step of Your Happiness in Life Will Come True in Sinocare” atSinocare's19th Anniversary. The system has fully covered all the important turning points and the anniversaries for the employees of Sinocare Inc. from entry to retirement / leaving office, including 17 sectors relating to food and clothing, shelter and transportation, marriage and birth, physical and mental health, and leisure-time activities, no matter that they are the existing employees of Sinocare Inc. or no matter whether they are the guests visiting Sinocare Inc., all of them have been deeply impressed by this comprehensive welfare system with profound meaning. It was Wang Yuefeng who perfected the creative conception and follow-up improvement of that system.

Sinocare Inc. is a very humane company. We have a lot of considerations for our employees, some of which cannot be done even by many other companies, such as childcare classes and psychological courses. So I think that, perhaps, we may consider the actual needs of employees from all dimensions, allowing them to feel the happiness of being a 'Sinocarer'. Moreover,Every Step of Your Happiness in Life Will Come True inSinocare is the best integration and interpretation ofall these benefits we offer, I think.

Because of the concern about the growth of 'people', from 2017 to 2022, in combination with the company's strategic vision, business development, and organizational capacity needs, the corresponding cultural theme of Sinocare Inc. every year has always focused on the word 'growth'. Growth is not only a matter of childhood but also a matter of life. It is also the demand of every Sinocarerrequired by himself. Moreover, there is a different growth at each stage. This is also why Sinocarehas a different theme of growth every year.  

When mentioning the theme of 2017 ofGrowing Healthily, Wang Yuefeng has remained fresh in her memory,at that time, wewere considering, what are the employees of Sinocare most concerned about now? It's the connection between people and people, a connection between people and organizations, and a connection between people and the future. How do you make these connections? Maybe, we need to jointly build a safe environment and a good interpersonal interaction mechanism to make the employees feel safe in the organization. We need to provide the employees with material and spiritual care so that the employees can establish an emotional connection with the organization and have a sense of belonging; we also have to help the employees individually grow and realize their value. Through year-round activities, we will continue to promote the connection between individuals and the organization and help the organization grow spontaneously. Only when the above is done, the employees of Sinocare Inc. will think that, because I am very happy, so I want to work harder, to achieve a real sense of healthy growth with a positive and healthy attitude.

After several years of metamorphosis and sediment, these days, the employeesof Sinocare Inc. from variousbusiness unitshave made some progress, big or small, under the guidance of values and mission and the leadership and influence ofthemodels. This is the result of our collective growth. Moreover, the increasingly equal, open, and friendly cultural atmosphere also makes people firmly believe that there are more seeds of hope in the inclusive soil of Sinocare...

Embrace changes - Make use of 'missile' but not 'cannon'

In 2022, Sinocareusheredinthe year ofGrowing Through Innovation.Constantly improving work, to let them become anexpert of his/her position; constantly cultivating their ability,making digitalization reflect in every moment of work; constantly expanding their vision to create value for themselves and the teamthrough connection and collaboration, which is the growing challenge of all the Sinocarers based on three important organizational capabilities (Specialization,Digitalization,Globalization) of Sinocareinthenext few years.

Digitalization existsin every moment of our life. It's not about the matter of individual departments and individual teams but about the direction that all the Sinocarers shall move forward, Wang Yuefeng says. There is a hint of seriousness and solemness in her gentle words. She has deeply known that the arrival of the digitalization era means that all walks of life will face unprecedented opportunities and challenges, regardless of customer demand, organizational change, technology upgrading, and talent quality, they have undergone earth-shaking changes, and everyone in the midst of such changes needs to be adapted to these changes.

We cannot rely upon any experiences longer nor simply obey the instructions given by our leaders just like in the era of the industrial revolution. In the past, guns could be fired accurately on the battlefield only by targeting a fixed point in front of them. However, there are no fixed points now, because the target is changing all the time. If we want to win, we need to use a missile, which cannot accurately hit the target without adjusting its change quickly and nimbly in the course of the flight.

For Wang Yuefeng herself, she has also gradually realized the importance of continuous learning and self-renewal in theprocess of exploration. In 2015,that was when Wang Yuefeng just joined Sincoare,she thought that she could easilyadapt to her new position depended on the rich experiences accumulated by her from the pastwithout too much effort. But soon, she found that this was not the case, because if she keeps the marking time and is content with the moment, she can barely talk tostaff from otherbusiness unitsnor communicate with her boss smoothly. The application of a human resource system has never been on paper. Business development and social situation are changing rapidly. Therefore, only by constantly absorbing new concepts and tempering new skills can she face the new goal without fear.

AstheHRD of Sinocare Inc.,Wang Yuefeng is not only adapting herself to such changes but also thinking about what kind of talents Sinocare needs now and will need in the future under the digitalizationbackground. To that end, she shared her ideas in theAssessment Model Analysis and Discussion to Meet the Talent Development Ability in Next Five Years at a digitalization leader dinner in April 2021. Herein, she made in-depth research on the characteristics of talents inthe digital era and found that the talents of this era shall have three idiosyncrasies: good at connection,collaborative & independent, agile&creative.

First of all,connection is one of the most obvious characteristics of this era. Didi is a typical representative that connects the users and its platforms. At the same time, ‘Dare to co-create for decentralization’ is also very important. Based on the above two points, the talents that are required in the digital era must be curiousandcanthinkindependently, and be willing to learn about new things. All of these have nothing to do with age, but it’s a subjective desire. Secondly, it is far from enough to have an aspiration, but he/she also has the ability to support the aspiration, that is, to master, digest, and transform those new things through ' agile learning, rich knowledge, and innovative thinking'. Finally, Wang Yuefeng believes that collaboration is an ability that cannot be ignored by the talents in this era, regardless of interpersonal collaboration or human-computer collaboration, because diverse interpersonal relationships can not only help us broaden our vision, but alsogive usthe chance tointegrate the resourcesmore efficientlyin orderto achieve the objectives. Based on the above characteristics, she has made a systematic plan andpracticesharing for the talents on how to identify and assess talents and how to give full play to their value in the next five years.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and always keep a sense of crisis. This is what Wang Yuefeng demands of herself and alsothehopesto the talentswhoare currently working in Sinocare and about to join Sinocare. 

Keep Moving: Building up the power of gentleness in elegance 

A college student admitted by Sinocre Inc. once wrote in hisarticle and sent the piece to the official internal magazine of Sinocare--Promise’, saying a sentence,after joining Sinocare Inc., what has made meimpressed is not only the strength of the company and the unity of the departments, but also the elegant temperament that Teacher Wang,the Director ofHR Department, gives us while making a sharing with us.

What is elegance? In Wang Yuefeng’s opinion, elegance is the integration of the heart with external factors. It may be gentle and soft, but very powerful.

Elegance, is the considerate goodwill from one’s heart. People may have compassion for injured animals and strangers in distress, and try to help them as much as possible; chat smilingly withcleaners encountered in the tea room, to let her know that she has been concerned because every position is an integral part of the company, forgive the person who has ever misunderstood or unconsciously harmedyourself, try to see some advantages in others and believe in something beautiful that is worthy of believing in. 

Elegance, is the expression of civilized etiquette. Every one of us tries to wipe the water stains off the table after cleaning our tableware in the tea room or say 'Thank You' smilingly to those who have provided us with services and helped us because these seemingly simple things can often bring convenience or comfort to others. Wang Yuefeng recalls that, when she worked at Cadbury, an external trainerhad dinnerwithherstaff in the dininghallafter finishing recruitment training for the company. After the end of dinner, while the others were still chatting with each other, she picked up a napkin and covered the plate in front of her. At that time, there were several people at the table,Wang Yuefeng didnt know whether others have noticed such a small detail. However, she has seen it and been deeply impressed by it till now. From then on, Wang Yuefeng has kept the habit in practice when eating in public or on planes. Observation may help us find out the advantages in others, and improving ourselves is also a lifelong course.

Elegance, is pain and love that never grudged. In the eye of her team member, teacher Wang is a superior good at coaching, meticulous in logic, always considering things from shallow to depth, and guiding everyone to solve problems systematically. Good at teaching, she is more accustomed to encouraging her subordinates to think proactively through heuristic guidance rather than simply telling them what to do; advising her subordinates earnestly, she is willing to take the time and energy to listen patiently and give careful advice on everything from job decisions to the way you speak. In life, Teacher Wang is a warm and loving elder.Every young colleaguein HR Department will receive her blessing for the first time on the same day as they break out of their shell; and hearing that some of her team members have been ill recently, she not only sends them her greetings in time but also encourages them to carry out sports together with them to strengthen their bodies.

Elegance, is to find out her channel after being busy at work. Wang Yuefeng has a WeChatID called‘Cold Moon’ because the poetic name makes her feel good. In her middle school years, she read all over the classics. To understand the artistic conception of the ancients, she looked for 'A Dream of Red Mansions' in traditional Chinese characters of the vertical-type-settingversion to read. Although she was middle-aged, she still stayed up late to catch up with her favoriteHarry Potter series. She has loved dancing since her childhood. When talking about dancing, there is some unconcealed glee in her voice. At the first annual meeting after entering Sinocare Inc., Wang Yuefeng once performed a plot dance with a beautiful artistic conception in a Tang Dynasty dress together with several female colleagues from her department. At that time, she was breezily drunk, it was like a walking portrait in an ink painting, she did not belong to anyone or anything but just enjoyed the melodic and physical pleasure.

Wang Yuefeng has often thought of herselfentering thethe career as a rookie. At that time, she was still in a state of ignorance about many things and not many colleagues were willing to teach her how todeal with all the stuff. She could grow up in constant exploration only after adhering to the retention of passion for work, having a curiosity for all things, and a character that grows stronger with setbacks. Therefore, whenever she coaches her subordinates earnestly and helps them grow quickly, Wang Yuefeng seems to have seen herself who once walked on the road step by step. 

That is who she is. On one day seven years ago, when stepping on the soil of Sinocare, she knew what she needed was water and sunshine and never resisted the unknown wind and snow. Because she believed that she was planting hope here; and because of love, she decided togive outfragrance all the way.

It is also just she who once said from the bottom of her heart,the reason that I came to Changsha for the first time is because of Sinocare and the reason that I chose to stay in Changsha is also because of Sinocare. In the journey of life that comes and goes, many people will leave Sinocare butstilllive in Changsha. But if I am not in Changshaanymoreone day, it is because I have left Sinocare or perhaps I will not leave there but just serves Sinocarefrom afar, since Sinocare is a long-term love and care in my heart for me, and those little colleagues of mine in Sinocareare always my family members for whom I've paid painstaking efforts and known and accompanied each other. For Sinocare, I have never been a traveller from some other place but a friend forever.