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Warmly Welcome | The visit of African Diplomats to Sinocare

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On the afternoon of July 27, Mr. Hassane Rabehi, Algerian Ambassador to China, and Mr. Oundo Mukaga Charles, Minister Counsellor of Uganda, visitedChangsha Sinocare Inc. (Sinocare) in Changsha High-tech Zone.Theygot to know this high-tech enterprise which develops, produces and sells products for rapid detection of chronic diseases through biological technology.


The African Diplomats visited and listened to the development process of the company in the hall of Sinocare. After learning that Sinocare was established in 2002, after nearly 20 years of development, it has realized the original intention of "promoting the popularization of blood glucose meters in China". While striving to become "the leading diabetes digital management expert in the world",The African Diplomats expressed their admiration and affirmation.

The Sinocare hall has a minute clinic detection area and an AGEscan detection area, where Mr. Oundo Mukaga Charles and his team experienced multi-indicator rapid detection of chronic diseases and non-invasive screening of diabetes risk. Sinocare Minute Clinic can quickly detect more than ten chronic disease-related indicators such as blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood uric acid within five minutes. AGEscan only needs to irradiate human eyes for 6 seconds to "predict" the risk of diabetes in the next few years. Realize early screening, early prevention, and early intervention.

Ms. Apio Jackline, Financial Official of Uganda, expressed her surprise and appreciation to the 6-second test speed of AGEscan after her personal experience, and said that she will also focus on diabetes risk screening and control sugar reasonably.


After a comprehensive understanding of Sinocare situation and series of products, Louis, African Regional Manager of Sinocare International Sales Division, introduced Sinocare project progress in Algeria to the Algerian ambassador. Mr. Hassane Rabehi told Sinocare international team affirmed the outstanding contribution made by Sinocare international team in Algeria, and introduced the regulations of the Algerian Ministry of Health and the Pharmaceutical Production Management Institute, as well as Algeria's protection measures for foreign investment. At the same time, Mr. Hassane Rabehi also expressed that he would provide corresponding assistance to the details of the Algerian project personnel coming to China raised by Sinocare.


In the subsequent meeting, the African Diplomats expressed the hope that through the series of activities of "2022 African Diplomats Visit the Pilot Zone for In-depth China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation" series of activities, they can successfully cooperate with Sinocare, radiating from Africa to Europe, the Middle East and other regions .

As a high-tech enterprise "rooted in China and going global", Sinocare has reached cooperation with more than 135 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Commonwealth of Independent States, with a view to "specialized, global Driven by the goal and drive of "Professional, Digital and Intelligence", Sinocare has explored a global development path for the health industry and promoted the development of global medical and health care.