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We have a ‘Sinocare Baby’

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In September 2019, Sinocare Inc. established a 'Sinocare Baby' childcare center in Wenxuan Park, with an area of over 1,700 square meters, including 1,072 square meters of two-story indoor activity space and more than 700 square meters of outdoor activity space. It is worth mentioning that the company has undertaken all the expenses such as labor costs, start-up costs, and property management costs. The childcare center with an average monthly operating cost of about 30,000.00 Yuan falls under the internal welfare of the company, and the employees are not charged with those costs.

I. Begin with the Feeling

As of May 2022, there are 2,709 employees in the headquarters of Changsha-based Sinocare Inc., many of whom have children. However, due to the conflict between their working hours and the children's time after school, most of the employees cannot pick up their children in person. The daily pick-up will also distract the energy of those employees and bring much inconvenience to their work. 'At that time, out of concern for those employees, general manager Li proposed to help those employees solve the difficulties of picking up their children. After discussion with and confirmation by the top-level leaders, I was recruited by general manager Ou from the General Manager's Office to start preparing for the childcare center.' Tang Yaqi, the person currently in charge of the Childcare Center, recalls.    

In 2018, when there were only commercial childcare agencies in Changsha and some unlicensed 'small dining tables' hidden in various residential quarters hereof. Before entering Sinocare Inc., Tang Yaqi intended to start a childcare center as her own business. After graduating from university, who majored in journalism has worked as a media editor for eight years and as an enterprise manager for four years. When talking about why she crossed over into the education industry, she said, 'like many persons who cross over into the children's field for business start-up, I'd been very interested in children's education since I had a child. When I first came back to Changsha to start my business, I'd looked for many places nearby, but there were no suitable places. Later, I entered Sinocare Inc. through the introduction of others, and I was very lucky to have implemented my idea there. So I started preparing for that project after I joined the company in March 2019.'  

II. Safety First

In September 2019, 'Sinocare Baby Childcare Center was officially opened for classes, providing free childcare services for those employees' children aged from 3 to 12, who had been enrolled in kindergartens and primary schools. During the first six months of preparation, Tang Yaqi had to formulate the rules and regulations and plan the venue, and the two biggest challenges were persons and school buses during that period. In the spring and fall semesters, the childcare service was available only in the afternoon, and only the schools within a 5km drive from the company were accepted, so there would be fewer childcare persons, about 40 to 50 persons. However, in winter and summer vacations, since the employees might bring their children to the company by themselves every day, they were no longer restricted by schools, districts, and scopes. The number of childcare children was very large, 3 to 4 times that of the spring and autumn semesters. Thus, staffing became a difficulty

'In addition,our management personnelwas full-time,andthe rest of us were mainly part-time.' At first, Tang Yaqi employed family members of employees as part-time personnel but found after a period that the reaction ability and actionability of the elderly were limited, and could not cope with too many children. Later, she began to look for stay-at-home mothers recommended by the employees and college students from neighboring universities as volunteers. After the operation period of the childcare center, everyone had known that Sinocare Inc. had established a childcare center. As part-time resources were increasing, the selection of part-time staff was also qualified. 'Like college students, we would require more than sophomores, because they were mature and, for kindergarten teachers, we would prefer to choose kindergarten teachers and then college students majoring in preschool education with internship experience.'

We've solved the problem of staff shortage, except for the school bus problem. 'In the beginning, the company gave me more room to give the play, but not required me to expand the scale of the childcare center. The only requirement of the company was to ensure safety.' In the beginning, Tang Yaqi selected the school bus, because it had a relatively high safety factor. However, there are provisions in the Regulations on the Administration of School Buses that a school bus service can serve nobody except for educational institutions. However, since our childcare center is just an employee welfare department of the enterprise, which has not to have the school-running conditions nor the school-running qualification, we were still unsuccessful even after contacting and negotiating with school bus companies and education departments many times. Finally, we've chosen Cao Cao car and the shuttle bus company employed by the company to provide long-term tailored car services. 'There arebasically no difficulties in other aspects, on the one hand, since our collaboration with the departments including the company's administration department, factory affairs, and environmental safety is very smooth, the corporate culture of the company and coordination atmosphere is relatively good; on the other hand, general manager Ou is very considerate and lets me work in the trade union, thus convenient for me to mobilize various kinds of resources inside and outside the company in assisting the smooth operation of the childcare center. ' After those two major difficulties were solved, the childcare center was smoothly opened.

III. Grow Together

For parents, the establishment of the childcare center has firstly solved the thorny difficulties of employees, to avoid the problem of unattended pick-up and care of their children and, secondly, provided a good environment for those children to grow up. 'Today's social environment may not be as good as before. Children are easily addicted to their mobile phones, and our children are forbidden to use any electronic devices in the childcare center.' There is a certain interaction between humans and the environment, a person's space is very free but also easy to lazy and slack, and the environment can constrain human behavior to a certain extent, so a child will pay more attention to his words and deeds in a collective environment. In addition, Tong Yaqi also believes that more life circles are good for the development of a child's social adaptation ability, and emotional and emotional ability and a child who is injured in a certain circle of his life may be healed by kindness from another circle.

There is a reading corner, a study room, a doll house, and an indoor track field in the childcare center, which has equipped with sufficient space and facilities for children of all ages to learn and play. During winter and summer vacations, the full-time childcare center can offer a long childcare time, and the arranged activities are also richer, including Chinese, physical education, art curriculum, and social practice activities. It is worth mentioning that Tang Yaqi attaches great importance to children's reading. She says, 'the power of reading may be underestimated by many parents. Reading is not only about accumulating words and phrases and helping writing and coping with reading comprehension but also about exercising children's concentration and thinking, the ability of reading is the ability to study. Of course, reading is also a lifelong self-healing approach that nourishes the mind.' The childcare center will prepare a beautiful 'reading bankbook' for each child, develop an incentive system for children to read, and design various reading activities to encourage children to output.


The little friends are listening to the story earnestly


'When you're trying to educate or influence a young child, you shall begin with building your relationship. ' The childcare center has developed to now from its establishment in 2019, Tong Yaqi has encountered all kinds of kids. While getting along with them, the key point she mentioned is to build trust. 'If you spend close time with your child, talk to him like a friend and treat him with heart, you can build an emotional relationship with him through close contact. ' Of course, the education of a child can not only rely on the childcare center and school but more importantly in his family and in the person the child trusts most. Tang Yaqi says, there are four aspects, such as cognitive ability, athletic ability, emotional ability, and social adaption ability, for the development of a child's abilities. When a child is not mature in some aspects of ability development, he needs his parent to demonstrate and guide her, such as helping him to express his emotions correctly, play with other children, resolve conflicts arising from their contracts, and grow healthily and happily.

In addition to the childcare center, Tang Yaqi, Sun Qian et al. have also gradually improved the union system in recent years. 'When an employee gets married, we'll offer a marriage fund; at the reproductive stage, if the employee or the employee's family member is pregnant, she will be given a 'lucky pregnancy gift package', and a baby is born, she will have a newborn cash gift. During the period of lactation, there is a mother-infant room and a 'lucky pregnancy' classroom. In terms of physical examination, we have cooperated with maternity hospitals to offer children free physical examinations; and there's a big family-day sports meet in the autumn... ...' It may be said that the happiness of eachstep in life can be achieved in Sinocare Inc.

IV. Mutual Achievement

In 2021, Tang Yaqi was appraised as the company's annual behavior model in the 'Collaboration' theme of corporate cultural value. 'Only with collaboration andmutual cooperation can Sun Qian and me smoothly run the childcare center.' Tang Yaqi says that she who majored in journalism is better at communication and resource coordination, and another responsible person Sun Qian is very meticulous and conscientious so her help is quite needed in the implementation of some details. We both have our respective strong points and can shine in our respective fields. but within a win-to-win objective can we move forward together side by side 


Tang yaqi in her life


Author Saint-Exupéry says in his Little Prince, 'Love is not gazing at each other, but gazing together in the same direction.' So is in an intimate relationship and so is even at work. Only when both parties have a common goal can they not be stuck into a zero-sum game, in which if I help you, I will be hurt; only when we move forward together and work together, we will be smooth. For the sake of Children's health andfor the sake of commitment to love, we also hope that we can keep looking in the same direction to make Sinocare Inc.become better and better.