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Welcome Ambassador of Uganda to China to visit Sinocare

Time: 2021-06-10 Hits: 218

On June 7, Chrispus Kiyonga, Uganda's ambassador to China, Alice Kiyonga, the wife of Uganda's ambassador to China, and Wilberforce, deputy head of the Uganda Embassy in China · Wilberforce Mugisha and Philip Kanyoonzi, First Secretary of the Uganda Embassy in China, visited Sinocare. Xinyi Li, assistant to the chairman of Sinocare, and Alvin Xiang, director of Sinocare international sales department, participated in the reception and conducted in-depth discussions on overseas business conditions.

The Ugandan ambassador and his entourage visited the exhibition hall of Sinocare and learned about Sinocare 's development history and series of products in detail. Among them, the products of the two American companies that Sinocare participated in the acquisition in 2016 have attracted the attention of the Ugandan ambassador because of their best-selling overseas products.

In the subsequent exchange meeting, Alvin introduced the Ugandan ambassador to the delegation of Sinocare 's current global development and development vision, as well as the overseas business situation in Africa. During the period, ambassador Chrispus Kiyonga was very concerned about the business progress of Sinocare in Uganda and had an in-depth understanding of this, especially the use of blood glucose products in the local area.


He mentioned that the education level of local diabetes patients in Uganda is relatively low, and the efforts of both parties are needed to improve the education level of diabetes. We also hope that Sinocare will provide local users with practical and cost-effective products to help local diabetic patients monitor and manage blood sugar. In this regard, after consultations between the two parties, they agreed to organize free blood glucose testing and diabetes education activities in Uganda through government-level coordination.


During the exchange, the two parties talked about the still severe new crown pneumonia epidemic overseas. After learning that Sinocare has launched new crown antibody and antigen-related testing products, Ambassador Chrispus Kiyonga said that he would continue to pay attention to Uganda. Local COVID-19 testing needs, as appropriate, introduce fast and efficient testing products.