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Wispring Education Development Foundation

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Wispring Education Development Foundation finds its predecessor in the 2001 Yingfan Scholarship at Yuanling No.1 High School, Hunan Province but has adopted its current name and was formed on August 29, 2008 and it was initiated by Fan Zhang, Feiyan Huang and Shaobo Li.

Wispring sees as its mission to “create a SPRING of WISdom where the craving for knowledge begs a drop.” It pledges allegiance to a “people-oriented” outlook of education, advocating for an organic integration of local methods and outside resources to create an environment that is truly conducive to the development of teenagers from rural areas. Wispring endeavors to provide guidance to those students as they develop into individuals who possess the ability to think independently and critically, the courage to face up to the challenge of the future, a sober awareness of their responsibilities as integral parts of the society while also maintaining an emotional bond to their home soil.

       Dream Building Plan—Program  for Students

       Serves as a Long-term Companion for the Rural Children

       Dream Step Advancement Plan—Program  for Teachers

       Serves as a Peer of the Rural Educators to empower the local education

       Dream With a Vision Plan —Program  for Schools

       Aim to solve the shortages of educational resources in rural schools

       Dream Spreading Plan —Program for Local Charities

       Develop and support local charities & volunteers

Wispring Culture

     Mission: Carry forward our culture to benefit more people and educate people with Wispring wisdom

     Attitude: Earnestly practice what we advocate and enjoy being a part of the charitable activities

     Manner: Carry forward Wispring culture profoundly and grow with you

Wispring Code of Moral Conduct

Filial Piety: Be filial to parents and to be grateful

Respect: Show respect to yourself, to others, to life and the nature; know to revere

Diligence: Be diligent and industrious

Faith: Sincerity, Honesty, Confidence, Willingness to Help

Office Address:

Changsha Office: No 265,Guyuan Road,Hi Tech Zone,Changsha

HunanBeiing Office: R703, Building C, Science Building, Tuspark, Beijing

Yuanling Office: Yuanling First Middle School