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How does diabetes come?

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   It is generally accepted that most type 2 diabetes are caused by unhealthy lifestyles. More specifically, people are eating better and doing exercise less. Such behavior can cause problems: excessive intake of calories cannot burn out but accumulate in the body, converted to glucose, when there is more and more glucose in the blood, the human islet will automatically secrete more insulin for glucose utilization.

   But, when the islet overworks, people do not know, they even eat more, less exercise, if things go on like this, the islet overwhelmed, no longer secrete more insulin when blood sugar naturally increased.

   Diabetes occurs when blood glucose levels rise to a certain point.

   Expressed in medical concepts, diabetes is a chronic disease, glucose metabolism disorder caused by the lack of insulin or insulin resistance, accompanied by fat, protein, water and electrolyte metabolism disorder characterized by chronic hyperglycemia.

  With diabetes, people may appear symptoms as “three polys and one little”-----eat more, drink more and more urine and weight loss. But many people don't have these symptoms. So, do not think that "have a good appetite" is "good physical condition".

  Appendix: diagnostic criteria for diabetes

Diagnostic criteria

Venous Plasma glucose level (mmol/L)

Typical symptoms of diabetes (polydipsia, polyuria,   overeating, weight loss) plus random

blood glucose tests


Fasting blood glucose


2 hours postprandial blood glucose


No symptoms diabetes, need repeated


  Note: fasting blood sugar refers to at least 8 hours without intake of food; random blood glucose means without considering the time of last meal and thus cannot be used to diagnose impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance.