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Required Knowledge for Children of Diabetes Patients

Time: 2020-04-10 Hits: 378

The children of diabetes patients ought to learn the following basic knowledge most:

1. The diabetes is temporarily incurable. Do not believe in the propaganda of ancestral secret prescription, most advanced international medical institution and mysterious health products. Please keep this in mind! 

2. Insulin is not addictive. If insulin is prescribed by a doctor because early blood glucose level is high, you should not hate this doctor, because hyperglycemic toxicity can be alleviated through the timely administration of insulin. If the insulin is given as timely as possible, it may be withdrawn. However, the withdrawal of insulin does not indicate that the diabetes is cured, but indicates that you are healthful over this period.

If some drugs are prescribed by the doctors for your parents, not only they should be given strictly according to the medical order, but also their effect should be observed by closely monitoring the blood glucose. If blood glucose level does not reach standard value, you should communicate in time with doctors, because doctors are not a god and sometimes can not find effective medicines for curing the disease. If you often communicate with doctors, the doctors can be helped to find out solutions as soon as possible.

3. When the blood glucose is well controlled, you can take any food, but should still control its intake amount.

4. Exercise is a good method for controlling blood glucose. The development of a good exercise habit can better improve the body immunity, and assist the controlling of blood glucose. Do not feel vexed at what exercise is taken, and just take exercise.

5. Through the monitoring of blood glucose, the blood glucose level cannot be reduced, but you can determine whether the current drugs and diet are rational.

In order to help the parents with diabetes control the blood glucose well, their children can do the following matters:


1. Buy a book of diabetes or subscribe a magazine for your parents. Many books of diabetes are available in the Internet, such as those written by Prof. Yang Wenying, Prof. Xiang Hongding and Prof. Wang Jianhua. These books are easy to understand and practical; and they can help your parents know the most basic knowledge on the controlling of blood glucose. Or you can subscribe a set of such knowledge for your parents.

2. Help your parents develop a good exercise habit by giving them exercise tools, such as sports shoes, badminton rackets, sports coats/trousers and table tennis bats.

3. If your parents do not dislike a pet, you can give a dog to your parents. When your parents walk the dog in the morning, they can better build up a good physique, and your regret that you are unable to accompany them will be remedied, because they have a certain companion more or less (a very sad feeling).

4. Buy a set of blood glucose meter and blood pressure meter for your parents. Through the blood glucose meter, your parents are assisted in learning the blood glucose level and knowing whether the drugs are correctly used and whether the diet is correct. You should also buy blood pressure meter for your parents, because hyperglycemia and hypertension are sibling diseases and it is important to monitor the blood pressure and blood glucose. Since they are not very expensive, you can buy them by just avoiding a dining out.

Above 4 points involve the real objects you should buy for your parents. Do not look around for what health products can reduce the blood glucose level, because the blood glucose level can not be reduced by any health product; if you believe in them, they are certainly unworthy for your payment. Above 4 objects are far more effective than health products.

5. If you are at home, you can accompany your parents more in a stroll after the supper. If you are not at home, you should phone them more. Particularly when the diabetes is just diagnosed definitely, your parents are vulnerable, and your mental encouragement is necessary, just as they cared about you when you were ill at that time. What is different, when you were ill, your parents accompanied you the whole day and night; however, when they are currently ill, you do not accompany them (a certain sad feeling).

6. If your parents do not coordinate, you must not always educate or even rebuke them. When your parents do not coordinate in the controlling of blood glucose, mostly, they are not really reluctant, but have very many scruples, such as payment of too much money, fear of complications and in bad mood. At this moment, you must think in their position more about their true ideas.