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Top Seven Tips Ought to Be Done after Suffering from Diabetes

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1. Learning knowledge on diabetes

At least the definition of fasting plasma glucose and postprandial blood glucose should be understood.

For what reasons is the high fasting plasma glucose?

By what factors may the high postprandial blood glucose be caused?

What outcome will be caused if postprandial blood glucose is high?

The answer to these questions will be introduced in detail in the subsequent articles.

2. Skillful application of knowledge on diet

Upon seeing a cup of ice cream, the mouth drools with greed, and the stomach, throat as well as tongue become ready to taste it; but meanwhile, hateful rational brain speaks that it will increase blood glucose level for many times.

However, it will be very good when there is a gentle voice: you are just reassured to eat ice cream, because it will be OK if you take one less bowl of cooked rice, or if you run for one hour after the meal, or if insulin of XX IU is given for more times.

In fact, sagacious diabetes patients never accept the advice of other people that the congee can greatly increase blood glucose level and should be taken by little and that the banana is too sweet and can not be eaten. On the contrary, they will attempt to add vegetables and coarse grains when boiling the congee or correspondingly reduce the intake of staple foods when eating the banana. Through thorough learning and exploration, you can also completely do this. After you learn the knowledge on diabetes, you should establish such self-confidence.

You may say: “I can know some knowledge on the diet, but it is still very difficult to apply it skillfully”. That’s all right. You can see whether the following experience can help you.

3. Developing a good exercise habit

Almost all masters of glucose controlling have a fancy for exercise, such as outdoor running, walking in park, running with dumbbell holding, walking with sandbag binding on legs, playing badminton, playing table tennis, swimming (even swimming in the winter) and riding bicycle. Please remember: these are your hobbies and habits, but not the activities you just take occasionally.

Please face up to your laziness, start from taking the first step, and then you will start a healthful journey.

4. Making friends with a quite good doctor

The book of Making Friends with Doctors is written by Mr. Wu Haiyun, a chief physician of the Department of Cardiology in the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army. The greatest advantage of making friends with doctors is that you can avoid detouring. For example, you are greatly convinced by a so-called miraculous doctor who says that there is a good medicine from a foreign place, and that many diabetes patients stop taking medicine after eating it and blood glucose level also reaches standard level. It was originally priced at 1999 RMB but currently at 999 RMB; when you are prepared to buy it, you can ask your doctor friend, and then your health and money may be saved.

Please do not feel that the doctors are very difficult to make friends with. As I know at least, both the doctors and nurses at the Department of Endocrinology would like to make friends with diabetes patients.

5. Making friends with a quite good diabetes patient

You are not alone on the way of anti-diabetes. When you do not know how to treat the induration occurring after the injection of insulin, a diabetes patient will tell you that the induration can be relieved after the daily hot compress with potato flake and hot towel.

When you feel a great stomach discomfort after the administration of Metformin, a diabetes patient will tell you that the stomach discomfort can be resolved after the replacement with Metformin Enteric-coated Tablets.

When incessant bleeding occurs after sudden falling during the travel period, a diabetes patient will tell you that the wound can be healed on the next day after two drops of insulin are given onto the wound.

Various problems you are encountering were ever experienced by other diabetes patients, for example, when you are at a loss; when you are doubtful of life as you have serious hypoglycemia; when you have complications; and when your drugs become ineffective. They will tell you their methods and experiences for treating such problems. In most cases, some methods are only known by diabetes patients.

6. Administration of drugs strictly according to the medical order

If you can face up to the fact that the diabetes can not be eradicated, you should calm down, and carefully consider how to keep a peaceful coexistence with diabetes. The drug use is certainly a very important method.

The following precautions should be noticed for the drug use:

1) Accept the advice of doctors in normal hospitals, and take the drugs strictly according to the medical order (Note: Do not accept the drugs recommended by persons without the certificate of practicing physician).

2) Do not worry that a certain toxicity can be caused by any medicine. In fact, the positive effect of drugs on human body far exceeds their negative effect; moreover, almost all marketed drugs have passed the clinical validation.

3) Mainly observe the effect of drugs, by analyzing the monitoring results of blood glucose level (i.e. carefully treat every monitoring of blood glucose).

7. Carefully treating every monitoring of blood glucose

As said by a diabetes patient, each blood drop of yours must not be wasted. Results of every monitoring of blood glucose are the information collected during the course of your anti-diabetes ; an initiative can be gained in the war only by carefully treating the information collected in battle field.

For example, in most cases, blood glucose level was normal in the following diabetes patient. On September 12, blood glucose level was 4.3 mmol/L after supper, and was 9.8 mmol/L before sleep. After I learned such value, I contacted him as soon as possible. He told me that since too many vegetables were taken at supper, calories were insufficient, when hypoglycemia was found after supper, he worried that a hypoglycemia would occur at dawn, and thus drank one cup of yoghurt; but the predormital blood glucose was high. However, the following facts are learned through these two measurements of blood glucose:

At meal, vegetables should not be taken alone to make blood glucose level reach standard value, and proper meats should also be taken; and since human body is greatly influenced by one cup of yoghurt, the intake amount of yoghurt may be reduced by half if similar conditions occur the next time.

On September 14, predormital blood glucose was 11.1 mmol/L. As after supper, he played a basketball match, and felt a mild dizziness; then he immediately took some grapes and yoghurt, which caused hyperglycemia.

If the blood glucose level was not yet good after the elimination of other factors, this medicine might be judged as not suitable for current treatment, and a doctor could be seen for regimen adjustment.

Later, his blood glucose level became better and better. In fact, he was a student of junior middle school at the age of 15.