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What should we pay attention to in sports?

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Before the beginning of exercise, they need to do a comprehensive physical examination. The examination content includes: blood pressure, blood lipid, glycosylated hemoglobin, cardiovascular function, nerve function, renal function, fundus and foot health and so on. The doctor will arrange reasonable exercise therapy according to your physical condition.

Timely drink water. When the exercise time take up to 1 hour, should pay attention to drinking water. It is better to drink little for many times. If the expected movement time gets 1 hour, it's better to drink in advance to avoid adverse effects on the human body after dehydration. If do exercise for more than 2 hours, should consider conduct the extra meal.

Wear suitable clothes, shoes and socks. They should wear breathable clothes in winter, which helps the body to sweat and prevent colds. When the weather is too cold, it is not recommended to do outdoor sports. Wear different shoes to do different sports, such as wearing dance shoes when dancing, wearing running shoes when jogging, wear hiking shoes when mountaineering, and so on. When the shoes do not fit or feel uncomfortable, must be promptly replaced. The socks should be chose light color (white) and have good sweat. After exercise, check your feet if they have phenomenon of red, swelling, heat and pain. if so ,should in deal with them timely.

They should strengthen blood glucose monitoring before and after exercise. When do excessive exercise or intense exercise, the patients should temporarily adjust diet and drug treatment program, so as to avoid hypoglycemia.

Guard against hypoglycemia. During exercise, muscles will consume the glucose in the body. At the same time, the sensitivity of insulin will enhance. The dual role will lead to reduce blood glucose after exercise. Hypoglycemia can occur in the 2 ~ 12 hours after the movement, even within 24 hours. The higher the exercise intensity, the longer the duration; The more the incidence of hypoglycemia, the

longer the duration.

When to start exercising and how long. We recommend the diabetes should do exercise after 1 hours of a meal and avoid the peak effect of drugs. If you want to exercise, need to reduce the dose of the drug. The duration of exercise, the aerobic exercise should be for at least 30 minutes each time, the exercise time reach to at least 150 minutes a week. Strength training takes for 10 ~ 15 minutes each time, at least 3 times a week; Flexibility exercise should take5~10 minutes every time.