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What to eat if suffer hypoglycemia?

Time: 2019-10-24 Hits: 1493

What food we should choose to quickly increase blood sugar when suffer hypoglycemia? Different foods have different glycemic index. The foods with high glycemic index cause blood sugar going up quickly. Among them, the highest is glucose (the glycemic index is 100), following is white bread (88), honey (73), soda cracker (72), white sugar(65), millet congee (62), orange juice(57), chocolate(49), apple Juice (41) and Coca Cola (40).

When suffer hypoglycemia, we do not only eat the food containing a lot of fat or protein (such as ice cream). Because fat can make gastric emptying slow down and slow down the role of carbohydrates, which make blood sugar cannot rise rapidly in a short time, but the hypoglycemia stimulus will lead patients to continue eating more food, resulting in the difficult control of blood glucose.

It needs take attention on that if hypoglycemic drugs of the patients contain α- glucosidase inhibitor (such as acarbose, Basen, etc.), they do not add white sugar water, fruit juice, biscuits, steamed bun and other foods with disaccharides or starchy. Because these drugs can inhibit carbohydrate into glucose, and cannot quickly treat glucopenia. So the patient after taking the α- glucosidase inhibitor should select glucose tablets or glucose water when occurs hypoglycemia .

When diabetic patients’ blood glucose is 3.9mmol/L, they need to add glucose or food containing sugar. The severe hypoglycemia should conduct appropriate treatment according to the awareness and blood glucose situation. When blood sugar is 3.9mmol/L, if his awareness is clear, he can take 15-20 grams of carbohydrate (glucose is preferred); Wait for 15 minutes to measure blood sugar, if blood sugar is still3.9mmol/L, and then eat 15 grams of glucose, measure the blood glucose again, to ensure it go over 3.9mmol/L. If the patients have consciousness disturbance, we should call the emergency phone to the hospital for treatment. The 15 grams of carbohydrates can be converted to the following foods: 15 grams of glucose (or the same amount of white sugar, brown sugar), 20 grams of honey, 200 ml of orange Juice soda (or the same amount of cola, lemonade), 50 grams of orange juice , 25 grams of bread (2/3 piece sliced bread), 20 grams of biscuits (3 pieces soda crackers) and so on.