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When fasting blood glucose level is lower than normal...

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l  It is lower when fasting blood glucose is 2.8-3.99


The normal value of non-diabetic fasting blood glucose is between 3.9-6.1mmol/L.

The normal value of diabetic fasting blood glucose should be controlled between 4.4-7.0mmol/L.

For non-diabetic patients: your blood glucose value is a little lower (blood glucose<2.8mmol/L is called hypoglycemia). If you feel unwell, take a little food to relieve it.


For diabetic patients: your blood glucose is lower. Whether you have unconscious panic, hunger, hand shake and other symptoms of hypoglycemia, you should take 15-20 grams of glucose or sugary food immediately and retest the blood glucose 15 minutes later. If the blood glucose is still low, then eat another 15-20 grams of sugary food and retest the blood glucose 15 minutes later.  Keep observation if blood glucose goes up. The cause of hypoglycemia should be actively understood after the blood glucose returns to normal.

      It is recommended to eat regularly. If you can't eat on time, you should eat some biscuits, fruits and other foods in advance. You should try to choose dry food (such as steamed bun, rice, etc.) when eating staple food. The absorption of dry food is slow, which can slow down the rise of postprandial blood glucose and maintains a longer time, thus avoiding hypoglycemia of next meal. You should also avoid excessive drinking and drinking on an empty stomach. 

      Regular exercise may help to control blood glucose. It is recommended to exercise under the guidance of a professional and detect the level of blood glucose before, during, and after exercise in the early stage of exercise. When blood glucose value is lower than 5.6mmol/L, sweet water or sweet drinks should be supplemented before exercise and avoid exercise on an empty stomach.