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Why do you have diabetes?

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    “Why I get diabetes?” Have you ever had this question when you were diagnosed? Maybe you'll go to different hospitals for review, but the results may be the same: you do have diabetes. Don't say impossible. There are too many people suffering from diabetes.

High risk of diabetes:

1. Relatives (such as parents, brothers and sisters) with diabetes;

2. Older than 40.

3. Overweight or obesity;

4. History of hypertension or hyperlipidemia;

5. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as common stroke, hemiplegia;

6. Pregnant women aged 30 and older; a history of gestational diabetes mellitus; delivery of macrosomia (birth weight more than 4 kg);

7. Sedentary life;

8. Use some special drugs such as corticosteroids, diuretics,


     If you meet any of the above, then you are not wronged. If you have none of them, don't rush to innocence, because some other reason like fever or stress disease may also lead to diabetes. So, when diagnosed with diabetes, you can be tangled for a while, but please do not tangle too long, because diabetes won't wait.

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