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Digital Management Tool for Diabetes


Pain Points of Diabetes Management

Diabetes has become a global health problem, and the prevalence of diabetes is increasing, which brings heavy burden to society and individuals. Moreover, behind the huge diabetic population, there is a problem of low blood sugar control rate, and low patient compliance is an important reason for the low control rate Low compliance will increase the risk of complications. From the social and industrial point of view, the increase of diabetes complications means the increase of hospitalization and medical expenses, the increase of medical insurance burden and the corresponding increase of commercial insurance compensation; At the same time, because the drugs that patients should have used were useless and the indicators that should have been monitored were not done, the sales volume of pharmaceutical and equipment enterprises was also affected.

In the past, the management compliance of diabetic patients was low, which was mainly due to the lack of efficient data collection and management tools Multi-dimensional data is the basic premise of patient behavior analysis and personalized management. As the sixth-ranked blood glucose meter manufacturer in the world, Sinocare can provide intelligent detection equipment for various indicators (blood sugar, uric acid, blood pressure, blood lipid, saccharification, etc.), cooperate with mobile phone applications, and jointly provide efficient data collection and management tools for patients.

Digital Management and Detection Tool for Diabetes 

Sinocare provides high-quality blood glucose, blood lipid, uric acid and other detection tools with accurate results and excellent performance, and can provide a variety of solutions for data transmission and management.


Applicable Customers



Pharmaceutical enterprises/health care products enterprises

Internet health management organization

Commercial insurance company

Entity drugstore



1. Sinocare provides Bluetooth intelligent detection tools and Bluetooth communication protocol or SDK, which can access the customer-owned or third-party APP to realize automatic data transmission and storage.

2. Sinocare provides Bluetooth intelligent detection tools, and also provides Sinocare 's own blood glucose data management APP and background, so as to realize the filing of patients' health records, index detection, automatic data transmission, automatic storage, automatic analysis and historical record review.

3. Deep cooperation: Sinocare provides intelligent hardware and customized software services according to customer needs.


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