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5 aerobic exercises for diabetic patients

July 23,2022

Lack of exercise and lack of exercise is an important cause of type 2 diabetes and a high risk factor for metabolic syndrome.
In addition to daily monitoring and control of blood sugar with Sinocare blood glucose meter, adhering to reasonable exercise not only helps to stabilize blood sugar, but also helps prevent the occurrence of diabetic complications. So what aerobic exercise is suitable for diabetic patients? Try the following five: walking, aerobics, yoga, dancing, and stretching. In addition to exercising, monitoring blood sugar changes every day is an indispensable part.Sinocare blood glucose meteris like painless, fast output value, and helps everyone control blood sugar reasonably.
Choose the time of exercise: start exercising one hour after the meal from the first bite. Because blood sugar is higher at this time, hypoglycemia is less likely to occur when exercising. Each exercise time: about 60 minutes, including the preparation time before exercise and the recovery and finishing time after exercise. After reaching the intensity of the exercise, it should be insisted on 30 minutes. The more suitable time of the day for exercise is generally in the morning or after work, not after a full meal or hunger exercise.


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