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Diabetics must avoid these 4 foods

July 23,2022

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, and it is difficult to achieve early detection and early treatment because most of the time the onset is relatively insidious.
Many people have no special discomfort in the early stage of blood sugar rise, until they are diagnosed with diabetes, they all refuse in their hearts.
Therefore, we should regularly check blood sugar, and screen out pre-diabetes and diabetes early, which can reduce the difficulty of treatment and make the treatment effect better. Daily use ofSinocare Safe AQ Max blood glucose meterto detect blood sugar can achieve reasonable control of blood sugar.


In daily life, diet has a great impact on blood sugar. For people at high risk of diabetes, as well as people with pre-diabetes, and people who have been confirmed to be diabetic, good diet management is the basis for us to control blood sugar.
Avoid sugary pastries
Eat less animal offal
Eat less high-sugar fruits
Avoid fried foods

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