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Crossing the river

Feb 03, 2023

The biggest challenge is what we are facing now while all setbacks in the past are not worthy of being mentioned


The original intention remains unchanged after thirteen years of exploration


Peng Xuming worked for Sinocare as an intern in March 2009 when it was not easy to find a good job. He seized the opportunity and became the first student recruited from the university in Sinocare.


Talking about the memory of initially joining the company, Peng Xuming recalled that he had a meal with Li Shaobo, Chairman of Sinocare Biotech the night before the interview. Will tonight be a test of my drinking capacity? I can't drink. I heard that having some milk in advance can help me drink more, so I intentionally drank a lot of milk before dinner. Peng Xuming was stunned at night as Mr. Li not only did not test his drinking capacity, but even said that he does not rely on drinking to do business. He just communicated with him about school life and growth experience in an approachable manner. As a result, Peng has an excellent impression of Sinocare.


After passing the interview and joining the company for an internship, Peng Xuming had to choose the workplace for his sales. As newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, he chose Heilongjiang Province to stay without hesitation, the farthest one among the three options in northern regions, i.e., Heilongjiang, Jilin and Shandong Province. For Peng Xuming, the busy and running times there were also two years of seeking joy amid hardship.


"What is most impressive is that we made a market raid just in time for heavy snow and our car broke down on the highway at midnight. We didn't know what to do with the car at that time, and we had to get down and push the car to access a service area a few kilometers away. Because of this toughest experience, one of my colleagues has been suffering from a herniated lumbar disc." The experience in Heilongjiang province helped Peng Xuming quickly grow into a business backbone. He relocated to Beijing two years later and became a first-line manager. "For the 13 years in Sinocare, the two years in Beijingbrought me the best development and the biggest change." Recalling the days in Beijing, he mentioned, "Being in a new position, my overall planning, communication and coordination capability has been improved, and I started to work on being a good leader from a good employee." Besides, in Beijing, a super-first-tier metropolis, Peng Xuming's vision has also been broadened. At that time, it started e-commerce for medical devices in China. Taking such change as an opportunity, he facilitated the cooperation with the first batch of pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms such as JD.com, Joyo.com, and Tmall Medicine.


Of course, there were troubles and difficulties behind all these progresses and successes. Peng Xuming recalled that he was initially not accepted by the team when he was relocated to Beijing to take over the business. But just like a fish that has plunged into the sea from a river, he will not give up simply because of the unfamiliar and high-pressure environment since he is looking forward to swimming in a larger pool.In such a new and unfamiliarenvironment, he aggressively communicated with the existing business backbone of the team, soughttheir help, and sincerely opened his heart to new colleagues so that they could understand, recognize and trust him. Besides, his boss also offered great support. In the end, with everyone's efforts, this small team passed the transition period smoothly and developed with better cohesion.


In 2013, Sinocare set up a new channel division, the Direct User Center and Sinocare Health successively. In response to the company's development requirements, Peng Xuming returned to the Changsha headquarters and focused on exploring e-commerce business and chronic disease management services. Looking back on the nine years at the headquarters, Peng Xuming acknowledged that Li Xinyi, the vice chairman of Sinocare, has had the greatest influence on him. "We are peers and I came back to the headquarters roughly at the same time as she graduated and managed to take over and assist in the management of the company. After taking charge of an independent business, I began to learn to understand and empathize with her regarding the situation and pressure she is in and under though we are the employer and the employee. As we shared the thinking direction and goals, we gradually became relationships of colleagues and comrades-in-arms. In the vigorous development of Sinocare these years, we have also grown together andhelped each other succeed through collisions."


Talking about the biggest challenge encountered in the past 13 years, Peng Xuming said frankly: "The biggest challenge is always at present and all the setbacks in the past are not worth mentioning today." The political, economic and social environment is changing rapidly. As e-commerce is more and more well-developed and the competition becomes more and more violent, Sinocare Health has been seeking breakthroughs in new businesses. In addition, the company is also facing severe tests in various aspects, such as organizational innovation. Talking about how to overcome these difficulties, Peng Xuming is full of fighting spirit, "Any excellent organization would face various challenges at different stages. We can only grow out of challenges, be promising when we are capable of addressing challenges, better cope with the existing challenges by self-motivation with love for work and the mindset to embrace changes."


Digital & intelligent transformation is always on the way


Since the establishment of Sinocare Health, Peng Xuming believes, it is just after developing from blind optimism to rational cognition and striving with all efforts that the company came up with the idea of developing diabetes management services based on the large user base and market shares accumulated in the early stage of directly connected users and settled in an independent park. Later, some problems became moreand more distinct, and our company had to put forward more solutions to deal with them.


"No one is perfect, but a team of them can be perfect." With rational cognition, Sinocare Health reconsidered developing new organizational capabilities, better internal collaboration, as well as synergy and leverage with the headquarters. Undoubtedly, it is a new stage of striving for Sinocare Health. We know where to improve and what to consolidate, and we are working on achieving these goals. It is exactly by reflection on the status quo that our company put forward an innovative definition of new and old businesses at the semi-annual meeting in 2021: "We shall adopt different strategies for jungle and expressway services.

For jungle service, we shall be flexible and keep trying, focusing on growth and value discovery, while for expressway service, our company shall do efficiency-oriented practices, focusing on output and value creation. Eventually, turn more jungle services into expressway services and gain excellent results as soon as possible, which is the priority of my work."


Besides, for better innovation and growth, Sinocare Health has been refreshing its organizational capabilities to adapt to business strategies. In terms of specialization, we focus on developing the professional capacity with direct user access, starting to build a direct user access system and service innovation for products based on user requirements; in terms of digital intelligence, we strive to improve service efficiency and user experience with the support of digital capabilities and AI technology. In terms of globalization, we strengthen the development of the platform-based capacity of international e-commerce.


Crossing the river & facing the future


In 2022, the company ushered in the first group of talents from colleges and universities who were born in the millennium. For them, Peng Xuming, a former student from university recruitment, gave three suggestions: first, be patient enough, as only long-terminvolvement and learning can create greater value; second, stay curious and be ready to embrace and accept new things at any time; third, broaden your mind, view and address problems from multiple perspectives. Speaking of the third point, Peng Xuming also shared a story of his own, "When I was young, I always wondered whether the longest rivers in the world, such as the Nile and the Yangtze River mentioned in elementary school textbooks, were really that long because I believe the river at the foot of the mountain by my home is so long that Ieven don’t know how far it will stretch and the geographers must not have discovered it. I didn’t know the small river in the valley of my hometown was not a big deal until I went to the county to study in a high school and saw the Zijiang River. In fact, everyone has limited cognition ad will have bias or misunderstanding whether we don’t have a broad vision. Therefore, we have to make judgments about problems at a higher level and from more perspectives.” Having crossed the small river in the ravine, Peng Xuming saw a wider world, and life works in the same way as you will meet more possibilities only after overcoming challenges.


Sinocare is 20 years old. As an old employee who grew up with the company, Peng Xuming expressed his best wishes: "It’s the 20 years when we have grown bigger and stronger in the field of blood sugar monitoring, and Sinocare will embrace a better 20 years in the coming future." In 20 years, a babbling child will grow into an adult with well-developed morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor skills. We have developed and changed for Sinocare, growing out of nothing, with gradually improved systems, attractive corporate culture, and a large pool of outstanding talents and core management teams. I hope we will continue to uphold the core values of "Care for Love", stay committed to society, and be a company beneficial to the country and the people, providing excellent products and services for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, creating products with user value and social value, and contributing our power to make a better world! 

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