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Tá 20 milliún Yuan tugtha ag Fondúireacht Leasa Poiblí Diaibéiteas Sinocare chun Saotharlann Furong a thógáil in éineacht le Sinocare Inc.

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On the morning of July 24, the opening ceremony of Furong Laboratory (Precision medicine) was held in Changsha City. Chen Fei, vice governor of Hunan Province, and Yi Hong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Central South University, jointly unveiled the laboratory. At the ceremony, Sinocare Diabetes Public Welfare Foundation donated 20 million Yuan to Furong Laboratory and built Furong Laboratory together with Sinocare Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as Sinocare Inc.).



Chen Fei, vice governor of Hunan Province (left), and Yi Hong, secretary of an Party Committee of the Central South University (right) jointly unveil Furong Laboratory

Presided over by Zhou Yixiang, deputy secretary-general of the government of Hunan province; Zhang Zhuohua, vice chairman of CPPCC of Hunan Province and president of the Central South University; Tian Hongqi, president of the Central South University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Li Zhijian, secretary of Party Organization of Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department and the director hereof; Li Xiaosong, secretary of Party Organization of Hunan Provincial Hygiene and Health Committee and director hereof; Fang Jiancheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tan Weihong, Bian Xiuwu, and Wang Yizheng; Zhou Hongyuan, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Xiaohong, Chai Liyuan, Liu Shaojun, Liu Zhonghua and Lu Guangxiu have attended the ceremony.


The Scene ofan unveiling Ceremony

On the scene, Chen Fei has awarded the appointment letter of the laboratory director, the appointment letter of the academic committee chairman and member, and the appointment letter of expert advisory committee director and member to Chen Xiang, Zhou Honghao, and Tian Hongqi respectively. Li Zhijian and Li Xiaosong have awarded the medal to the representative of laboratory co-construction units including Sinocare respectively.

As a hi-tech bio-sensor enterprise ‘ rooted in China and going to the world’, after its establishment in 2002, Sinocare Inc. has gone through nearly 20 years of development, has achieved its original aspiration of ‘Becoming a Promoter in popularizing the blood glucose meter in China.' and is committed to becoming ‘the world's leading diabetes digital management expert’,.In November 2021, the ‘Innovation and Application of Key Technologies for Diabetes Immuno-diagnosis and Treatment’ jointly completed by Sinocare Inc., the team led by Professor Zhou Zhiguang from the Metabolism and Endocrinology Department of Xiangya Second Hospital of the Central South University, and the University of Hong Kong, has won the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize 2020. As a co-construction enterprise, Sinocare Inc. will give full play to the advantages of ‘Professionalism, Digitalization and Globalization' to co-build Furong Laboratory.


As a representative of the co-construction enterprise, Li Shaobo, chairman of the board of directors (left) of Sinocare Inc. Accepts the medal

Chen Xiang, director of Furong Laboratory, managing vice president of Central South University, and dean of Xiangya Medical College of Central South University, awarded the Certificate of Donation to Li Xinyi, chairman of Sinocare Diabetes Public Welfare Foundation.  Sinocare Diabetes Public Welfare Foundation was founded in January 2019 with the mission of ‘helping diabetics live a happy and healthy life through education and innovation’, Sinocare Diabetes Public Welfare Foundation is the first diabetes public welfare foundation in mainland China and has carried out many public welfare activities orientated to diabetics, doctors, schools and society.


Chen Xiang, director of Furong Laboratory (left) awards a Certificate of Donation to Li Xinyi, president of the council of Sinocare Diabetes Public Welfare Foundation (right)

Furong Laboratory is the first laboratory in Hunan Province in the field of health, focusing on the field of precision medicine. ‘Precision Medicine’ refers to a full life circle in which, by making use of various cutting-edge scientific technologies such as modern genetics, molecular imaging, and bio-informatics, it systematically analyzes the molecular basis and mechanism of the whole disease evolution process, combines with individual clinical signs and symptoms and environmental factors, make a fine classification and accurate diagnosis of diseases, and then provides the patients with more targeted and precise prevention and treatment measures. Precision medicine not only covers the whole life cycle of disease prevention, diagnosis, individualized treatment, and prognosis prediction, but also integrates the whole medical paradigm integrated with traditional medicine and modern evidence-based medicine, which more conforms to the whole life circle management concept of current COVID-19 prevention and control, and represents the trend of medical development.


As an representative of an laboratory co-construction enterprise, Li Shaobo, chairman of the board of directors, accepts a TV media interview

Furong Laboratory was laid out on a basis of ‘headquarters + base’. The headquarters consists of a functional research department, public innovation platform, and a major disease research center. The base includes innovative diagnostic reagents, innovative instruments, and innovative drug industry bases. 7 research departments will be initially set up in the laboratory, including innovative drugs and cutting-edge treatments, to build 9 public innovation platforms, including public health risk warning and prevention platforms, and 18 major disease research centers, including tumor, cardiovascular disease, and senile disease. It is expected that the total investment will be about 2 billion Yuan for the first phase, mainly used for the construction of a talent team, laboratory upgrading and transformation, daily operation, scientific research equipment maintenance and repair, and key research project tackling.

The construction of the Furong laboratory is to deeply carry out the memorandum spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches to Hunan Important Instructions, fully implement ‘three high and four new’ strategic positioning and the important initiatives of task missions. It is also strong support to prop up ‘Healthy China’, promote the construction of a healthy Hunan, and implement the strategy of strong Provincial capital.