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Le grá agus aisling, tóg an saineolaí bainistíochta digiteach diaibéiteas is mó ar domhan

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And I say that life is indeed darkness save when there is an urge,

And all urge is blind save when there is knowledge,

And all knowledge is vain save when there is work,

And all work is empty save when there is love.

When you work with love, you become one with yourself, with others, and with God.

-- A Promise For Love by Kahlil Gibran


This is a poem inscribedar an mballain Sinocare Inc., which not only constitutes an integral part of the corporate culture of Sinocare Inc. but also reflects the hi-tech enterprise's great love of ‘Rooted in China andGoing to theWorld’:

There are 13,000 newly-increasing diabetic patients with type1 diaibéiteasin China every year. They not only face physical and mental suffering but also face discrimination from their schools and society in aspects of studying, love, marriage, and work. For a diabetic patient, life is indeed darkness save there is an urge. Taking"by working with love, we improve quality of life for patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases" as a mission, Sinocare hopes to bring them to urge and desire, and brightness.

Since its establishment in 2002, Sinocare Inc. has developed into capital expansion and then industrial chain operation from technology entrepreneurship, and developed a complete product line covering many diabetes detection indicators including blood glucose, blood lipid, glycosylated hemoglobin, and uric acid. Focusing on the professional field, it has become stronger and stronger all the way, and been committed to becoming "an leading diabetes digital management expert in thedomhan".

To this end, Sinocare has increased its investment in research and development year by year. The proportion of research and development expenses in the total revenue has risen from 3.5% in the initial stage of being listed to about 8% now, and the research and development investment reached 0.18Yuan in 2021. During that period, with the entry of Cai Xiaohua, a post-doctor from a well-known overseas university, Sinocare Inc. has continuously grown and developed stronger in terms of R & D strength.

Resolutely returned to China, and devoted himself to the national brand

In September 2012, Sinocare Inc., which had just become the first listed company in the biosensing industry of China, ushered its chief scientist - He was none other than Cai Xiaohua. At that time, Sinocare began to take its shape, andwas constantly improving in equipment and device and its research and development team. Cai Xiaohua was also full of confidence, looking forward to benefiting most diabetic patients in China.

Before that, Cai Xiaohua, who received a doctoral degree in analytical chemistry from Wuhan University at the age of 27, went to Hainan University to teach in the manner of ‘ag mealladh buanna’ and was promoted to associate professor at the age of 28. However, three years later, out of the pursuit of and love for knowledge, Cai Xiaohua ended his teaching career and went to the University of GrazinAustria to study again. With outstanding talent, Cai Xiaohua, who was selected by Joseph Wang, a leading authority in electrochemistry in the United States, followed him to the United States and continued his study at New Mexico State University.


Cai Xiaohua while working in the USA (Second from left in the rear row)

At the beginning of 1997, Cai Xiaohua entered Novartis, one of the global top 20 companies in the field of medicaltrealamh. With his excellent knowledge system, he soon broke through the portable blood glucose monitoring system, which had been a problem for Novartis for a long time. That product has been sold in major drugstores in Europe and America. Subsequently, another first real hospital-grade blood glucose meter in the world has developed, which has now occupied 60% of the American hospital blood glucose meter market and has been regarded as the gold standard by many peers.

"I have understood from the work that I have engaged in that the status quo of diabetes management in China at that time was the high prevalence and a low rate of awareness; the home blood glucose meters were generally expensive in the market and the market was monopolized by foreign countries; and it was difficult for ordinary people to afford. I’ve felt deeply about that. I hope that I can promote the development of the domestic blood glucose meter industry by making use of my professional skills in this field so that Chinese people can afford to buy high-quality blood glucose meters developed and produced in China.’ When speaking of the reason why he resolutely decided to return to China for further research, Cai Xiaohua said frankly that it was a strong sense of social responsibility that had supported him, hoping to carry forward national brands and popularize accurate and economical health products to ordinary people.

10-2-1670240338 (1) 

Sinocare Biological Enterprise Park Located In Hi-tech District, Changsha

Eventful ten years, write a new chapter

In 2012, when there was a boom in overseas Chinese returning to China to start their businesses, Cai Xiaohua also had an ambition with a hope to make a difference at home. He has boasted that he is lucky to have chosen the thing he is best at -research and development, ‘This is called specialized, the ancient words are still true.’

As a result, Cai Xiaohua was selected for the '100 Talent Plan’ of high-end talents in Hunan in 2013; won the ‘Contribution Award to the Overseas Chinese Community’ in 2014, and was interviewed by state leaders as the only representative from the field of blood glucose meter; became a leading talent of the third group of scientific and technological innovation group in Changsha in 2015, and won the ‘Star City Friendship Award’ of Changsha in the same year, which was the highest praise for those ex-pats in Changsha; joined the ranks of Changsha Talent spokesperson led by Academician Yuan Longping in 2017; and won the Chinese Permanent Residence Permit at the end of 2017, which many ex-pats had been dreaming of.

"When joining Sinocare10 years ago, what I saw was a thriving company that had propped up the blood sugar test in China and was crammed into a narrow facility. However, the miracle was created in such a small place: with simple equipment to start a business, it had created cost-effective products, competed with domestic peers, crowded into the market of international brands, become the first blood glucose meter brand in China, become the first listed company in the industry and become the promoter of blood glucose test popularization in China. I’ve admired the wisdom, hardship, and courage of those entrepreneurs!" Encouraged by that atmosphere, Cai Xiaohua had been resolutely committed to the research and development work of Sinocare Inc..

10-3-1670240362 (1) 

Cai Xiaohua (First from left) is experimenting together with the R & D team of Sinocare Inc.

A blood glucose testing system mainly consists of two parts: a blood glucose test strip and a blood glucoseméadar. In the early stage of research and development, the formula of the test strip was an intractable problem in front of everyone. A successful formula needed to go through tens of thousands of alterations. After a batch of new test strips was made, Cai Xiaohua would prick his finger and participate in the experiments. However, in the following experimental process, he also acted personally. After the experiment every day, no matter how late it was, he would stay to check and verify all experimental data, analyze and find problems. All efforts would pay off. Under the leadership of Cai Xiaohua, the products developed by his R&D team have won one patent after another and won unanimous recognition from experts and scholars at home and abroad.

The treatment and management of diabetes are not simply to measure blood glucose but need to consider the occurrence and development of various complications, and also testing many related indicators, such as uric acid, blood ketone, glycosylated hemoglobin, C-peptide, and insulin. In this regard, under the leadership of Cai Xiaohua, the R&D team of Sinocare Inc. has researched and developed the first domestic multifunctional biochemical analyzer, which filled the gap of primary medical care in China and provided a powerful tool for medical treatment sinking and serving the broad masses of grassroots people.

10-4-1670240393 (1) 

CaiXiaohua is testing a multifunctional biochemical analyzer at the Biological Laboratory of Sinocare Inc.

The future is expected, and looking forward to a new decade

From the second half of 2012 on, Cai Xiaohua has had the honor to witness the second decade of Sinocare. From single blood glucose products to various POCT products; from a single electrochemical technology to photochemistry, chemiluminescence, immunofluorescence, and implantable sensing technology; from a Chinese enterprise to an international enterprise; It has built new modern workshops and office spaces, upgraded experimental equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment and laid a good foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.

During that period, Sinocare Inc. has continuously increased its R&D investment, and the R&D team has expanded to more than 500 people now from more than 30 people in 2012, among which there are 7 PhD.s, and the postgraduates and undergraduates had occupied more than 80% of research and development personnel. In terms of team building, Cai Xiaohua has made every effort to cultivate the R&D backbone, guided and passed his experiences onto new employees and university graduate students, and established the R&D talent echelon. At the same time, he has paid more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. With the help of provincial and municipal intellectual property offices, he has established a high-value patent search and evaluation platform. In the past 10 years, he has submitted more than 500 patent applications and obtained the authorization for more than 300 patents; he has taken an active part in the establishment and management of national and provincial R&D centers and cooperation bases, including"National Technology Innovation Demonstration Base","Hunan International Cooperation Base for Point-of-Care Testing Technology" agus"Hunan Sub-Health Diagnosis and Intervention Engineering Technology Center".  

"As one of many employees of Sinocare Inc., I am as grateful as you are, grateful that we have chosen an industry worthy of fighting for and that we have come to a company full of vitality and growth. Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence. We have had a core team polished for 20 years, the sales teams spread ALL over China and the World, and the rapidly-growing e-commerce teams. At the same time, we have also established a quality management system, an intellectual property rights system, and a production management system, and perfected the research and development process. A large number of employees have grown up in practice and become the backbone of Sinocare. More importantly, we have a loving, sentient, and enterprising leader, and believe that Sinocare will usher in an amazing new development in the next ten years! ', in which Cai Xiaohua is confident.
10-5-1670240422 (1) 
Cai Xiaohua at Work

As the enterprise is growing, our dream and our love are also strong and prosperous. To give diabetes patients another possibility and help them live a healthy and happy life, Li Shaobo,Chairman of sinocare Inc.; Li Xinyi,Assistant Chairman of Sinocare Inc.,and Cai Xiaohua,have jointly initiated and establishedSinocare DiabetesFoundation in January 2019. On the one hand, the Foundation would help peólais lecineál1 diaibéiteasand their families to better manage their diabetes and, on the other hand, it would also provide them with educational and life support and bring them a little warmth.

'Sinocareis a team full of love. To help these children who may be abandoned due to health problems, the volunteers from Sinocare Inc. will visit them regularly and give full play to the role of the Foundation in implementing the delivery of public welfare.’Cai Xiaohua says with empathy.

Cai Xiaohua himself has also helped three children, and he hopes to do his part to change the fate of these children withcineál 1diaibéiteasso that those children who have been abandoned due to disease can see that the world is still full of hope. When everyone works with this love for others, it is bound to produce twice the result with half the effort.

‘Sinocare Inc. is 20 years old this year, and I have reached the age of retirement. In the future, I will cheer everyone up and be a good ‘teacher’. The employees of Sinocare Inc. are average only in their early 30s, which is a good time to be in the prime of life and develop their careers. Therefore, the future is in their hands. As long as they work hard and make continuous progress, Sinocare Inc. will have a better tomorrow!' In his determined eyes, it seems to have mapped the shadow of the 'Younger Generation’ expected by him.