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Kub AQ Ntxiv

LUNULA nanoTM patent blood sample applying technology; 

99.99% pure gold electrode test strip;

Widely HCT test range;Strong anti-interference

Txheej txheem cej luam
1. Kev Sib Siv

    The Gold AQ Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring system is intended for use in the quantitative measurement of glucose in human whole blood taken from the fingertip (capillary) or from the vein (venous) or from the artery (arterial). It is intended to be used by people with diabetes at home or clinical site as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of their diabetes control programs.

2. Test Principle

     A glucose test is based on the measurement of electrical current caused by the reaction of glucose with the FAD glucose dehydrogenase on the electrode of the strip. The blood or control solution sample is drawn into the tip of the test strip through capillary action. Glucose in the sample reacts with the FAD glucose dehydrogenase and generates electrons, which produce an electrical current. The Gold AQ Plus blood glucose meter measures the electrical current and calculates the glucose result. The glucose result is displayed by the meter in the unit of mg/dL or mmol/L.

3. About the Gold AQ Plus Blood Glucose Test Strip

    The Gold AQ Plus blood glucose test strip is intended to be used with the Gold AQ Plus blood glucose meter to measure the amount of blood glucose in fresh capillary whole blood or venous blood or arterial blood. The Gold AQ Plus blood glucose test strip used with the Gold AQ Plus blood glucose meter provides a complete test system that is intended for in vitro diagnostic use by people with diabetes. The Gold AQ Plus blood glucose test strip do not require coding. Please refer to the “Performing a Blood Glucose Test” section for complete instructions.

The Gold AQ Plus blood glucose test strip consists of the following parts:

Ntshav ntim 0.8l wb
Qauv hom Capillary tag nrho cov ntshav ntshav tag nrho cov ntshav
calibration Ntshav sib npaug
Kev ntsuas lub sijhawm 5s
Meter cia / tsheb thauj mus los mob -20C ~ 55 ℃
dimension (103mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 24mm(H))
Nyhav txog 59g
hwj chim qhov twg los 2 AAA roj teeb lub roj teeb
Memory 999 ntshav ntsuas cov ntshav ntsuas kev ntsuas nrog
hnub tim thiab lub sijhawm
200 Tswj Solution ntsuas ntsuas nrog
hnub tim thiab lub sijhawm
Test condition    Temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Altitude: Up to 10100 feet (3078 meters)
Note: Use within specified environmental conditions only.
Kev ua haujlwm ntawm kev ua haujlwm 10 ℃ ~ 35C≤80% RH
siv cov kev faib Tes tuav
Kev ntsuas ntsuas mg / dL lossis mmol / L
Kev ntsuas ntau 20 ~ 600 mg / dL lossis 1.1 ~ 33.3mmol / L
Kuaj cov tshuaj lom neeg muaj pes tsawg leeg FAD glucose dehydrogenase, potassium ferricyanide,
non-reactive ingredients
Control solution chemical composition Water, glucose, preservative, dyes, phosphate buffer,
viscosity enhancing agents
Kuaj cov hlua cia khoom siv 1℃~30℃  10%~90%RH
txee lub neej 10 xyoo (kwv yees ntsuas ntawm 7 zaug nyob rau ib hnub).
Thaum siv, neeg siv yuav tsum tswj cov khoom lag luam
saib mus rau phau ntawv siv siv ntawm no cov cai.

1) 99.99% gold electrode, a conductivity of 1,400 times than carbon electrode.
2) With superior electrochemical property and extremely strong corrosion resistance.
3) Able to detect the blood sample temperature, HCT and ambient temperature accurately, and automatically correct the result deviations caused by above factors.

LUNULA nano  patent blood sample apply technology: Upon optimization of the quantity and positions of air exhausting microporous, the blood applying speed has been obviously improved.

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