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FRCRP/SAA (C-Reactive Protein/ Serum Amyloid A) Reagent Kit

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[email tiv thaiv] The FRCRP/SAA (C-Reactive Protein/ Serum Amyloid A) Reagent Kit is intended to quantitatively determine the concentration of C-reactive protein and Serum Amyloid A in human serum. Clinically, the two indicators are mainly used as inflammatory markers.


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CRP is a (acute-phase) protein in blood which rises rapidly when organism is infected or when tissues are damaged. It activates complement and intensifies phagocyte ingestion, clearing the invading pathogenic microorganism and histiocyte that is damaged, necrotic or apoptotic. When used as a highly sensitive indicator of acute-phase response, the CRP level in blood experiences a quick and significant increase and can reach up to 2000 times normal in condition of acute myocardial infarction, wound, infection, inflammation, surgery and tumor-infiltrating. The measurement of CRP helps follow up the course of disease when combined with clinical history.

Similar to CRP, SAA is used to evaluate the process of acute phase response. SAA is a sensitive indicator of which the concentration starts to rise within about 8h after inflammatory response. It takes less time for SAA level to raise and exceed reference range than CRP. For normal people, the upper limit of reference interval is 10 times of median value in CRP, while only 5 time in SAA. The elevation of SAA is more common than the elevation of CRP for slight infections, such as virus infection. For infectious diseases, the rise in SAA value is larger than the rise in CRP value, which means the detection of SAA helps more in identifying comparatively “normal” and slight acute phase responses. Usually, around 2/3 of cold sufferers experience a rise in SAA, while no more than 1/2 of them experience a rise in CRP.

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Wider measuring range

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Cost-effective without additional consumables & no daily maintenance required

Ua haujlwm yooj yim, ua haujlwm tsis siv neeg, tsis tas yuav tsum muaj kev ua haujlwm / kev ntsuas hluav taws xob



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FRCRP: 0.5~320   mg/L

SAA: 5~200   mg/L

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