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mAlb Ucr ACR Rapid Reagent Kit

Easy of operation, fully automatic

No need professional operation/calibration

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[email tiv thaiv] The Urinary Microallbumin/Creatinie Reagent Kit (Fluorescence/Benedict-Behre method) is intended to quantitatively determine microalbumin uria, creatinine and ACR(the ratio of microalbuminuria and creatinine) in urine sample. Clinically, it is used for auxiliary diagnosis and screening of early-stage renal disease.

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Liquid phase reaction system, using fluorescence/benedict-behre methodology lead to accurate result

iPOCT system is exceedingly suit for individual test and truly on-demand

Result available in 10 minutes

Pre-filled & single-use cartridge

Easy of operation, fully automatic, no need professional operation/calibration


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Lub Sij Hawm

10 feeb

Measuring   Range

mAlb: 5.0~200   mg/L

Ucr: 10.0~400 mg/L

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