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Portable HbA1C Analyzer PCH-50

Txheej txheem cej luam

Sinocare is devoted to the research on the Point-of Care Testing for the Whole course management of diabetes.

Since the life span of hemoglobin is usually 8-12 weeks, HbA1c is an indicator reflecting the previous average blood glucose level of 2-3 months.

• HbA1c positively correlated with blood glucose concentration 

• Blood draw time, fasting, and insulin use were not associated

PCH-50 -1

Kuaj qauvBoric acid affinity chromatography
PrecisionCoefficient of variation(CV)≤8%
Kev ntsuas ntau4.0% ~ 15.0%
Cov ntshav ntsuasfresh capillary whole blood, venous whole blood
Lub sijhawm ntsuas≤3.5mins
Qauv loj5l miv
Kev ntsuas kub   15 ℃
Reagent storage   condition   2-8℃;Do not freeze
Hnub tas sijhawmUn-opened: 12 months
Opened: 4 hours

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