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PT INR Prothrombin Time Rapid Reagent Kit

Easy of operation, fully automatic

No need professional operation/calibration

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[email tiv thaiv] The Prothrombin Time Reagent Kit is intended to measure the prothrombin time (PT) of human serum. Clinically, it is mainly used to screen the extrinsic deficiencies of coagulation system and monitor oral anticoagulant treatment.

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With prolonged PT, there may be inherited factor II, V, VII, X deficiencies and hypofibrinemia (or afibrinogenemia); the lacking of acquired coagulation factor is found in DIC, primary fibrinolysis hyperactivity, and obstructive jaundice and vitamin K deficiency; with shortened PT, there may be inherited factor V excess, oral contraceptives, hypercoagulability and thrombotic diseases.

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Liquid phase reaction system, using clotting methodology lead to accurate result

Result available in 12 minutes

Pre-filled & single-use cartridge

Easy of operation, fully automatic, no need professional operation/calibration



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Plasma blood

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