Warmly Welcome | The visit of Nepal Consulate Delegation to Sinocare.

時間:2022-06-24 ヒット数: 6

6月の23では、the Consul General of Nepal Mr.harisaran Pudasaini, 彼の妻 夫人 Radhhika Gautam and deputy consul 夫人アラド Dhungana visited Changsha Sinocare Inc. (hereinafter referred to as シノケア), which is located in Changsha high tech Zone. They got to know this hi-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, production and sales of biosensor technology for rapid detection of chronic diseases.


導入者 Li , chairman of シノケア と氏 アルビン、ゼネラルマネージャーシノケア International Sales Department, Mr. harisaranPudasaini, consul general and hisチーム 訪問 シノケア hall and listened to the development process of the enterprise.Since its establishment in 2002,シノケア has achieved the original intention of "China's blood glucose meter popularization promoter" after nearly 20 years of development,Mr.Harisaran Pudasaini expressed his admiration and affirmation when he was striving to become "China's leading diabetes digital management expert and the world's leading metabolic disease detection expert".


Since the start of global business layout in 2016,シノケア has participated in the acquisition of Trividia health Inc. and PTS company in the United States, actively expanding POCT detection business such as blood lipids and glycosylated hemoglobin, and has now become the fifth largest blood glucose meter enterprise in the world.Inが待 product exhibition area,Mr.HarisaranPudasaini and his チーム stopped from time to time to listen to the explanation to Mr.アルビン from Trividia and PTS company's fast blood lipid test products, small and portable glycosylated hemoglobin detector, and diabetic nutrition series.


シノケア 健康 持っています シノケア minute clinic detection area and 年齢scan detection area. Mr.Harisaran Pudasaini and his チーム experienced the rapid detection of chronic diseases with multiple indicators and non-invasive screening of diabetes risk.The シノケア clinic can quickly detect more than ten chronic disease related indicators, such as blood glucose, blood lipid and uric acid within five minutes,It can be predicted that the risk of diabetes can be prevented by exposure to the eyes for 6 years.

Sアラド Dhungana said after personal experience: "シノケア products can be seen in all parts of China. Through this visit, we have further learned about diabetes related knowledge, and will pay more attention to diabetes prevention for ourselves and the people."


After a comprehensive understanding of シノケアand series of products,Wenjie Li , Secretary General ofシノケア Diabetes Foundation (SDF), introduced the general situation and public welfare projects of SDF for Mr.Harisaran Pudasaini and his team.SDF was founded in January 2019 with the mission of "helping diabetic patients live a happy and healthy life through education and innovation",It is the first diabetes public welfare foundation in mainland China. It has carried out a number of public welfare actions for diabetic patients, doctors, schools and society.


In the subsequent exchange process,Mr.Li、会長シノケア, had in-depth communication with Mr.Harisaran Pudasaini and his team on the global management of chronic diabetic diseases."If necessary, we can help endocrinologists in Nepal to learn about type 1 diabetes,In order to improve the Nepalese people's awareness of prevention and control of chronic diseases such as diabetes. "

As a high-tech enterprise "rooted in China and heading for the world",シノケア has reached cooperation with more than 150 countries and regions in South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States, with a view to exploring a way of global development of health industry and promoting the development of global medical and health undertakings under the goal and drive of "globalization and digital intelligence".