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- The road of Sinocare Inc.pêşveçûn international sales.

In 2017, according to the data of Sinohealth Information (on the retail market), Sinocare Inc. ranked first in terms of glucose meter market share in China, and such ranking has been maintained till now. In China, more than 50 percent of the groups that conduct self-monitoring for diabetes are using Sinocare's products. However, on the way to globalization, Sinocare Inc. has always felt that there is a long way to go. As early as 2007, Sinocare Inc. obtained the European Union CE certificate, joined the biotechnological cooperation between China and Cuba, and realized the large-scale export to Cuba and Latin American markets, thus starting the journey of globalization of Sinocare's Inc. To further expand the overseas business and realize globalization, the international sales team of Sinocare Inc. has been always on the ……

Ilays Healthcare & Solutions

The Somalia-based Ilays Healthcare & Solutions (Hereinafter referred to as 'Ilays') started its cooperation with Sinocare Inc. in 2020, just after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. After receiving several blood glucose meters and blood pressure gauge samples from Sinocare Inc. lays has chosen Sinocare Inc. as its long-term supplier. The high-quality products of Sinocare Inc. have helped Ilaysrûniştin a larger market in Somalia.

The responsible person for Ilays recalled a previous case that the goods were shipped to the wrong destination because of an oversight by the logistics. After knowing that matter, colleagues from the International Sales Department of Sinocare Inc. have taken the initiative to contact active logistics processing, thus delivering the goods to the hands of Inlays customers with the fastest speed.

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Mr. Haji, responsible person of Ilays Healthcare & Solutions

Labora International Trading PLC

Recalling the opportunity of cooperation with Sinocare Inc., the responsible person of Ethiopia-based Labora International Trading PLC cannot help smiling, "Our boss saidhe just wanted to look for the blood glucose meter produced by the world-class leading manufacturers, so hesimply Googled 'World’s best glucometer supplier'', and there were a lot of search results appearing, but onlySinocarehad hemîtaybetmendiyênku ewlooked forward to.Ji ber vê yekê, we got in contact with Sinocare Inc. and the results ofyên me communication withSinocare also made our team very satisfied.Heya nuha, our boss has always thought thatfinding and cooperatingwith Sinocare Inc.was one of the best decisions he ever made.7-2-企业微信截图_1670237274782 (7)

Dr. Beweketu Tadesse Gobaw, CEO of Labora International Trading PLC

RHS Pakistan

In the spring of 2014, the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) held in Shenzhen started the journey of cooperationdi navberaRHS Pakistan û Sinocare Inc.. The responsible person of RHS Pakistan has still remembered that LI Xinyi has made detail and vivid introduction about the company for him at that time. He has known the storiesofSinocare’s establishment, as well as the market share of Sinocare Inc. in China through the interpretationji LI Xinyi. After that, the team of RHS Pakistan visited Sinocare. At the end of 2014, both parties started their first business contact.

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Dr. Shoaib Rafi, responsible person of RHS International

         During the journey of the RHS Pakistan team's eight-year cooperation with Sinocare Inc., there have been countlessdilfireh bîranîn.

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RHS Team came to Changsha to visit Sinocare Inc.

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Group Photo of RHS Team with Li Xinyi,Assistant Chairman ofSinocare Inc.

Transcom Distribution Company Ltd.

In January 2018, the Bangladesh-basedTranscomDistribution Company Ltd. began its cooperation with Sinocare Inc.

Transcom has33 branch officesthroughout Bangladesh. The cooperation of Transcom with Sinocre has also helped Sinocare Inc. inDirêjkirin ewherêmîmarket in Bangladesh.

In the course of cooperationdi navbera Transcom teamûthe international sales team of Sinocare Inc., they have mentionedgelek hatiye va,in addition to themayîşanika şewatê îtîbarali derdora cihanêand the excellent product quality, the major reasons ji bo ku ew biryar da ku bigihîje thedirêj hevkarî with Sinocare are the enthusiasm, professionalism, and meticulousness of each colleague from the Sinocare team.
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Transcom Teamhebû hevdîtinîs & firavîns bi hev reSinocare’s Tîma firotanê ya navneteweyî

At present, Sinocre has exported its products to more than135 welat û herêmanli dora cîhan. The steady growth of overseas business in recent years has gradually enhanced the brand power of “Sinocare” in the global market while continuously expanding its sales.

In 2022, Sinocare ushered its 20th birthday. Standing in front of the 20th-anniversary milestone, Sinocare looks forward to its journey to the futureûwill be committed to keeping the beautiful vision of becoming 'Pisporê Rêvebiriya Dîjîtal a Diyabetê li Cîhanê' in mind, practice in action, strive to develop the international market and keep moving forward. Starting from its roots in China, Sinocare is taking more and more solid steps toward the world.