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salvum Accu2

Green-Yellow-Red light warning; Auto electrode inserting detection; Auto sample loading detection; Affordable;Code free; CE certification

  • Intentum usum

    Safe Accu2 is intended for IVD testing the blood glucose in the fresh whole capillary blood and vein plasma; for medical institutes’ fast testing of blood glucose; for diabetics and other groups’ blood glucose monitoring.

  • principio test

    C6H12O6 + K3Fe(CN)6 → FAD-GDH → C6H12O7 + K4Fe(CN)6
    K4Fe(CN)6 → K3Fe(CN)6+ e-

  • Features (Technical commoda)

    I), FAD GDH ratio, est non facile affectus oxygeni moleculo est in sanguinem.

    II) User-amica operatio ratio: & non coding automatic test habena ejectionin in administratione diabete.

sanguis volumine 0.6μL
Sample genus Capillaribus totum bloodyenous sanguinis
Calibration plasma equivalent
tunc mensuræ 10s
Meter repono / translationem conditione, ℃ ~ LV -20C
ratio LXXXIV * * LX XXVI (mm)
Pondus 77.2g,with battery
Potentia Source 3V DC,10mA,2 AAA alkaline batteries
Memoria 200 sanguinem GLYCOSA test results
Operating conditione, X ℃ ~ F. 10C≤35%
Construction Manibus tenuit,
unitates mensurae mg / g, sive DL / L
measurement range 20 ~ 600 mg / ~ 1.1mmo 33.3 sive DL / L
Precision: test result of Safe-Accu2 meet the requirement below:

Accuracy: 95% test result of Safe-Accu 2 meet the requirement below:

concentration dolor prospectumque Bias%
<5.5 g / L (100 mg / DL) In ± 0.83 g / L (XV mg / DL)
25.5 g / L (100mg / DL) ± in 15%

Precision: test result of Safe-Accu 2 meet the requirement below:

concentration dolor Intrat quandoq require
<5.5 g / L (100 mg / DL) D <0.34mmol / Q (6.0mg / DL)
25.5 g / L (100mg / DL) CV <% 6.0