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Tutum sub AQ Smert

Fast 5s test time; FDA-GDH monitoring system; SINODRAW patent lancing device; Temperature warning

  • Overview

    The Safe AQ Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed for the quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood samples taken from the fingertip and in venous whole blood samples. The Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for use outside the body only (in vitro diagnostic use) for self-testing and professional use as an aid in the management of diabetes.

  • Test principle

    A blood glucose test is based on measurement of electrical current caused by the reaction of glucose with the reagents (special chemicals) on the electrode of the strip. The blood or control solution sample is drawn into the tip of the test strip through capillary action. Glucose in the sample reacts with the special chemicals and generates electrons, which produce electrical current. The blood glucose meter measures the electrical current and calculates the glucose result. The glucose result is displayed by your meter as mg/dL or mmol/L.

  • Features (Technical commoda)

    1) FAD-GDH system : It is not easily affected by oxygen molecule in the blood.

    2) User-friendly operation system: no coding & automatic test strip ejectionin the management of diabetes.

sanguis volumine 0.6μL
Sample genus Capillaribus totum bloodyenous sanguinis
Calibration plasma equivalent
tunc mensuræ 5s
Meter repono / translationem conditione, -2055 ℃ ~
ratio 84*60*26(mm)
Pondus 73.5g, with battery
Potentia Source 3V DC, 50mA, 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Memoria 10 sanguinem GLYCOSA test results
Operating conditione, 10 ℃ ~ 35; R. ≤80%
Construction Manibus tenuit,
unitates mensurae mg / g, sive DL / L
measurement range 20 ~ 600 mg / ~ 1.1mmo 33.3 sive DL / L
Fasciae vita 10 annis (taxata test 7 temporibus per diem).
Per usus productum in user oportet ponere
decurritur ad user manual est scriptor accommodabat.
Characteres euismod

Accuracy: 95% test result of Safe AQ meet the requirement below:

concentration dolor Bias%
<5.5 g / L (100 mg / DL) Within±0.83 mmol/L(15 mg/dL)
25.5 g / L (100mg / DL) ± in 15%

Precision: test result of Safe AQ Smart meet the requirement below:

concentration dolor Intrat quandoq require
<5.5 g / L (100 mg / DL) SD<0.34mmol/L(6.0mg/dL)
25.5 g / L (100mg / DL) CV <% 6.0