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V tips pro diabetics per motum De Viris Illustribus

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On Feb 22, the National Health Commission has changed the official English name of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus to virus, adopting the title created by the World Health Organization.


Although the epidemic outbreak has been going on for more than 3 months, it is still on the point moment control to curb the spread, especially, the infection cases are increasing in the other countries, like Japan, South Korea, Iran,etc.


Among the deaths reported by the national health commission, found that most of them were elder patients with chronic diseases, including diabetes. As diabetics are in the state of hyperglycemia for a long time, the plasma osmotic pressure increased, the phagocytosis of white blood cells had been inhibited, and the body immune system declined, which are the reason why diabetics are susceptible to virus infectio.


Infra pro diabetics monitus est manere in bonum salutem et pestilentia quarentenam.

1.       Sat magni momenti medicamentis maxime, ita ut medici, videt posita test sanguinem GLYCOSA, insulin foramen acus transire, etc.

Under epidemic, in order to reduce the risk of hospital-visit infection and avoid crowds, many patients may be passively discontinued their medications, which might greatly increase the risk of inducing diabetic ketoacidosis and other acute complications. Regular medication is a prerequisite for keeping glucose level under control, and stable blood glucose level helps the body fight against virus.

Commendatur ut diabetics parari 2-4 weeks medicamentis curare continua et elit deprehendatur.

2.       Ut tempor magna sanguinem GLYCOSA imperium in longum et stabilis sanguinem GLYCOSA gradu veluti primarium scopum rhoncus diabetics iugiter fermentorum sanguinis domi amet ipsum.

If blood glucose level is under control, FPG and 2hPG testing at least 1-2 days per week are necessary. If the blood glucose level is a little out of control, it is recommended to monitor every day, also need to adjust the diet and medication, and let the blood glucose return to "calm" as soon as possible.

In addition to measurement, they should also record or photograph their blood glucose testing results. They should actively keep their doctors informed about their blood glucose through phone calls or text messages when they can't go out. They should not ignore the blood glucose swings or consult people without professional qualifications.

3.       Facere a BENE de molestie disinfection exstitit domi ius disinfection bona eligere. Virum fuisse propensam ad ultraviolet radii, et æstus, LVI gradus Celsius XXX minutes, etílico, LXXV% ethanol, quibus CHLORUM disinfectant, peroxyacetic acidum et chloroform et alia lipidorum solvents potest efficaciter perdere in vivet virum autem chlorhexidine potest non conteret et vivet virus.

4.       Fight against virus, the most effective way is to cut off the source of infection and minimize time away from home. When you have to go out must remember wearing a mask and do the disinfection after back home, preventing infection virus, undertaking self-protection, washing your hands more.

5.       Stipendium operam ad nutritionem et sanus victu manere, ut exercens et ne sedens ad diuturnitatem temporis. Et exercitium est unus of items ut sunt key sub potestate GLYCOSA, insulin sensus incremento; et auxilium ad perficere metabolismi de GLYCOSA et alia carbohydrates. Medio-senem diabetic aegros et senes potest ambulare per se et in cubiculum domi essent profutura XV ad XXX minutes. Neque satus lascivio vos in housework fac a puero usque in sudore quoque bonum ideas.


Nec tamen dubium est optimum auxilium ad prima-line Medicals facere a BENE in ea sanguis Glucosum adipiscing domi, multum de pneumonia motum physice minuere numerum medicinae visitationes et opportune identify indicia altus periculum et urgente necessitate pro medical curatio.


As long as we are in altogether to take an arduous effort to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic and displayed a positive and responsible attitude, we will win the battle against the virus soon.