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Sinocare in Oriente Medio Medlab MMXX

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      Changsha Sinocare Inc. MEDLAB participatur in Oriente Medio in MMXX Dubai, inter II / III / MMXX ~ II / VI / MMXX.

MEDLAB bene notum et est maximum ducens elit Attendi, et diagnostic tisque conloquiis terrarum muneribus, hoc est foederis attracted elit annua magis quam 600 super DC exhibitors et attendees 25,000+ de regionibus.

Sinocare has 18 years experiences among the R&D, production and sales of blood glucose monitoring system. Especially, during these two years, our products PCH 100(Portable HbA1c Analyzer), PABA 1000(ACR Analyzer) were released to the international market one after another, Sinocare is reaching the international POCT corporation gradually.

MEDLAB in MMXX, Sinocare alius homo primum duo magna presentes pro nobis cum aegris diabetes et aliis inveterata morbo terrarum in nomine AGEscan Icare, ac MM.

AGEscan glycation provectus est finis products fluorescens detetor, et per non-Psidium et painles intuens oculis, VI secundis post eventus potest accipere, quia periculum diabete in altera dictarum praenuntiet 6-5 annis. AGEscan est a bonus choice pro populus cum diabetes et undiagnosed pre-diabete in mane facere protegendo, et ducere sanus coetus eorum diabete periculo censibus.

AGEs is an independent pathogenic factor affecting the occurrence and sustainable development of diabetes which is associated with proinsulin/insulin. As the age grows, AGEs slowly accumulate in the lens of the eye, and the rate of AGEs is accelerated in insulin resistance, impaired glucose regulation, and diabetic patients. Due to the stable and irreversible characteristics of AGEs, it has superior "memory". Compared with other diabetes monitoring indicators, high AGEs levels can reflect the cumulative damage of abnormal blood sugar and oxidative stress for a longer period of time. It can be used as an early warning signs of pre-diabetes and complications.

Icare, MM est portable latae sententiae multi-munus analyzer. In futurum, cum aegris minor aegritudines et adhortatus est civitas visit-gradu institutions medicinae ad reducere onus Domini ultra spiritum magna hospitalium. rustica paulatim fit iPOCT hospitalium et communitas perfecta esset idoneum ad medicinae instituta gradu occurrere necessitatibus humilis volumen eruditum probatum defectum personae.

iCARE-2000 using liquid phase core technology which can do a great performance ensuring the result more accurately. Compared to large medical equipment, iCARE-2000 does some subtractions, using pre-filled reagent cards, eliminates the fluid drive of the instrument, thus there is no need for the non-core mechanical and fluid components, while retaining the optical and temperature control systems, in the other word, there is no need for calibration or cleaning fluid. What’s more, there are 16 combinatorial reagent cards & 37 basic biochemical and coagulation Indicators for iCARE-2000, and there are more indicators will be available for this kind of product.

"Per opus est amor, et qualis est vita amplio enim cum aegris diabetes et aliis inveterata morbo". Ab praeses noster, Dominus Li.

Sinocare est aperire ostium ad novam totius administratio cursum diabete, nec superior qualitas products et opera maxime et basic continua nostra tenet.