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1,5-AG - MellitusⅡ Rapid Reagent Kit

Facile operandi, plene automatic

Non opus professional operatio / calibration


[Inscriptio protected] The 1,5-Anhydro-D-sorbitol(1,5-AG) Reagent kit is intended to quantitatively determine 1,5-Anhydro-D-sorbitol in human serum. Clinically, it is mainly used for the monitoring of short-term blood glucose control.

Intentum usum

1,5-AG is a kind of polyhydric alcohol with pyran ring structure, which is similar to glucose. The 1,5-AG in human body is mainly ingested from food, and excreted in urine. The level of 1,5-AG in human body is closely related to glycometabolism. Under normal conditions, the concentration of 1,5-AG in blood is relatively stable as 99.9% of 1,5-AG reabsorbs by kidney tubules; Under pathological conditions, the high concentration of blood glucose competitively inhibits the reabsorption of 1,5-AG, significantly increasing its excretion in urine. The concentration of 1,5-AG in blood is then decreased, thus having an obvious negative correlation with the concentration of blood glucose. 1,5-AG reflects the fluctuation of blood glucose in the recent week, which is a high-sensitive blood glucose monitoring index.

Product Features

Liquid tempus reactionem ratio, per plumbum ad methodum accurate eventus enzymatic

iPOCT modum competit ratio est, quia vere et singula test on-demanda

IX consequuntur available in minutis

Daily tutela non requiritur

Facile operandi, plene automatic, non opus professional operatio / calibration

1,5-AG - MellitusⅡ Rapid Reagent Kit


Item test

1,5 AG,


Serum sanguinis

reactionem Vicis

minutes 11

dolor mensuræ

1,5-AG: 6.0~300   µmol/L



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