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Glu GA - MellitusⅠ Rapid Reagent Kit

Easy of operation, fully automatic

No need professional operation/calibration


[Inscriptio protected] The Glucose/Glycated Serum Albumin Reagent kit is intended to quantitatively determine the concentration of glucose (Glu) and the ratio of glycated serum albumin (GA) and albumin (ALB) concentration in human serum. Clinically, it is mainly used for the monitoring of short-term blood glucose control.

Intentum usum

The glucose concentration in serum reflects the status of glycemic control in real-time. Glycated serum albumin is the end product of albumin glycosylation, which reflects the average glucose level in a period of time, and can be seen as a sensitive indicator of glucose control efficiency.

Product Features

Liquid phase reaction system, using enzymatic methodology lead to accurate result

iPOCT system is exceedingly suit for individual test and truly on-demand

Result available in 9 minutes

Daily maintenance is not required

Easy of operation, fully automatic, no need professional operation/calibration



Item test



Serum blood

reactionem Vicis

minutes 9

Measuring   Range

Glu: 1.0~30   mmol/L

GA: 2.0~40.0 g/L



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