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Urea Crea UA - Renal FunctionⅠ Rapid Reagent Kit

Facile operandi, plene automatic

Non opus professional operatio / calibration


[Inscriptio protected] The Urea/Creatinine/Uric Acid Reagent Kit is intended to quantitatively determine urea, creatinine (Crea) and uric acid (UA) in human serum. Clinically, it is mainly used for the monitoring of renal function.

Intentum usum

Urea is the end product of the metabolic breakdown of proteins in human body. It is synthesized in liver and is excreted mainly after passing to kidney. The Urea measurement in serum is an important indicator for clinical evaluation of renal function.

Creatinine is the waste product of creatine metabolized in muscle, and is cleared from the body by kidney. The high levels of blood creatinine is usually a warning of malfunction or failure of kidney. Blood creatinine is a comparatively accurate indicator that reflects the actual damage of kidney, the concentration of creatinine in blood is thus an important indicator in the evaluation of renal function.

UA is the end product of the metabolic breakdown of purines, and is filtered out of human body through kidney and in urine. A high uric acid level is normally observed in gout patients. For patients with increased nucleosides metabolic, such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, polycythemia vera; renal diseases such as acute/chronic nephritis, kidney stone, etc., the uric acid level in blood is significantly higher.

Product Features

Liquid tempus reactionem ratio, per plumbum ad methodum accurate eventus enzymatic

iPOCT modum competit ratio est, quia vere et singula test on-demanda

IX consequuntur available in minutis

Pre-usus cartridge repleti, unum &

Facile operandi, plene automatic, non opus professional operatio / calibration



Item test



Serum sanguinis

reactionem Vicis

minutes 10

dolor mensuræ

Urea: 0.9~40   mmol/L

Crea: 30~3000 µmol/L

UA: 50~2500 mmol/L



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