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iPOCT Standardization Laboratory

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The concept of iPOCT standardization laboratory is to provide a standardized laboratory program with a relatively lower threshold for primary medical institutions through faster detection response, smaller space requirements, and more intelligent system assistance. "Based on innovative technology, you can deploy iPOCT standardization laboratories with only a table space."

iPOCT Standardization Laboratory

Although the space is smaller, it covers the iCARE-2100 biochemical, coagulation platform and other small desktop inspection equipment and intelligent laboratory systems. Tests include C-reactive protein, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, amyloid A, blood routine and other inflammation items, blood glucose, blood uric acid, blood lipids, glycosylated hemoglobin, urine micro-albumin and other chronic disease related indicators, as well as routine biochemical indicators, Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases related indicators, etc. Covering various diseases such as diabetes, respiratory inflammation, coronary heart disease, gout, and nephritis that are frequently diagnosed, treated and managed, it provides general practitioners with more accurate evidence-based evidence and solves the diagnostic capabilities of more diseases.

In addition, through the seamless connection with the HIS system, the laboratory test report can be directly transmitted to the doctor's HER, and the information wall for doctor-patient communication is opened, thereby reducing the difficulty of clinic process management. The integrated management inside and outside the hospital, such as the information interpretation of real-time results and cloud account query of historical results, significantly improves the medical experience of patients. "The right is the best."

Since its establishment in 2002, Sinocare has developed from a single blood glucose meter and test strips to a complete product line covering blood glucose, blood lipids, glycosylated hemoglobin, uric acid and other diabetes indicators. Focusing on professional fields, Sincoare will continue to innovate and actively expand the POCT testing business to provide more "unlimited possibilities" for patients with chronic diseases and medical and health professionals.

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